Caiman Free Games - F.A.Q.

The downloads don't work!
Many times I have tried to download a game and the site keeps going back to the home page.

Why does it go back to the homepage?
When an error occurs it will go back to the homepage.

Why can I not download a game?
When you click on a download then a script will start (a download counter) and it will redirect to our caiman file server.
If the download doesn't work then is there something wrong with the settings on your computer.

What can be wrong?
1. Firewalls
Some firewalls (eg. Norton Internet Security) refuse redirecting to another server.
Switch your firewall temporary off or better: change the settings of your firewall.

If you need to give a permission to an URL: the URL of our file server is

2. Download managers
Some download managers refuse redirecting to another server.
Don't use any download managers.

3. Scripting
If you even cannot download from the "author's site" look at the settings of your browser, maybe the scripting is switched off.
Solution: Switch the scripting on.

4. Administrators
If you try to download from school of work then it is possible that the administrator of the network has blocked the downloads.
Solution: You can try to ask a permission to your administrator, but I think he will refuse. So, try to download at home.

More questions?

What is a firewall? Do I have one?
from Google: "A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server, that protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks. Basically, a firewall, working closely with a router program, filters all network packets to determine whether to forward them toward their destination. A firewall is often installed away from the rest of the network so that no incoming request can get directly at private network resources. There are a number of firewall screening methods. A simple one is to screen requests to make sure they come from acceptable (previously identified) domain names and IP addresses. For mobile users, firewalls allow remote access in to the private network by the use of secure logon procedures and authentication certificates."

The most used (software) firewalls: Norton Firewall, ZoneAlarm, BlackIce, Signal 9, AtGuard, etc...
As far I know only the Norton Firewalls (and Norton Internet Security) causes problems with our downloads.
note: A hardware firewall (routers etc) will NOT causes any problems with our downloads.

If there is a firewall installed on your computer, in most cases you will find an icon right below on the screen (next to your pc clock)

Why can I download from other sites, but not from this site?
All our downloads are hotlink protected. That is a system against bandwith stealing. The most other sites don't need such a system because they put direct download links to the author's downloads. If there exists an author's website, we will do that too. But we also host every single game at our file server too. We do that for the next reasons:
1. To prevent an overload of the author's homepage.
2. To have a copy in case that the author's homepage is down or gone.
3. In case that the author changes a freeware version into a shareware one.
4. In case that the author add spyware to his freeware game.
Why a hotlink protection?
We at caiman have many unique games. Games that only exist at caiman. But we have to pay a monthly rent. If every other freeware site on earth will direct download from our site (what we call: link stealing), then we should not be able to pay it anymore and the server should be down (overload). The current number of daily downloads at our file server is already between ten and thirty thousand!!!

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