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Why does my DOS game have no sound or music?
How do I configure DOS games so they can use my soundcard for sound and music?

Please note that I am running a machine with Windows 98SE, so some of these menus may be different depending on your version of Windows (or operating system, for that matter). On Windows XP, these menus may not even be available to you because MS-DOS isn't included with Windows XP.

1) Click on the Start button, select Settings, and click Control Panel.
2) Double-click the System icon from the Control Panel.
3) Select the Device Manager tab to bring up a list of all devices installed on your PC.
4) Find "Sound, video and game controllers" and double-click it.
5) Find your soundcard here, it may have the words "Legacy Device" attached to the name. (for example, on my machine Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128D becomes Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128D Legacy Device.)
6) Double-click on that and select the DOS Application Settings tab on the new window.
7) Write down or print out the Port, IRQ, 8-bit DMA, and 16-bit DMA values (numbers). It may also be important to know the name your soundcard will be known as to DOS games, it is shown just above the Port and IRQ values inside the border (ex. my soundcard is known as Sound Blaster 16 instead of Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128D)
8) Enter these values into the Setup program (setup.exe or config.exe is a common filename) of your game, your game may automatically set itself if you know the name of your soundcard, however it almost never works.
9) Enjoy!

If more than one "section" appears on this menu, you may be able to use the values (Port, IRQ, etc.) under that section if the values from the section above do not work.

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