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Oddwarg Animal RPG! Oddwarg
Freeware RPG Platform game decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Oddwarg HOME 79 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Oddwarg Animal RPG! Oddwarg Animal RPG!
Oddwarg Animal RPG!

Oddwarg Animal RPG!


An enormous large RPG-platform-adventure game.
When you think you have cleared the game you are probably wrong. There is (almost) always something more you can do, there is many small quests besides the big one. In the very end of the game you will get some very special gifts.
The world has been invaded by evil robots. You must gather four big keys to defeat the evil.
Your journey begins in a town in the desert. Later you will explore new towns and worlds.
arrows left/right = move
space = jump
arrow down = duck
arrow up/down = enter/exit a building
arrow up = interact with an object or another animal
D = view map
W = view keys and other special objects
U = to use something or just check your supplies (potions)
Q = if you are suck in the wall or so
F1 = help
F4 = windowed
F5/F6 = quick save/load
F7/F8 = save/load in 3 different files
Potion: Restores some health.
Full Health: Restores full health.
Increase Max Health: Does not restore health, but increases the maximum health.
Extra Strength: Increases the claw level, your attack is increased.
Oracles and stuff:
In the game there are oracles spread around. If you really can't find anything to do you may ask one of the oracles.
In the different worlds you may find signs. Interact with them to get information about where you are or the purpose of the place you are in. On your map, opened with D, there are names. The signs helps you find your location.
Destruction and stuff:
To destroy an enemy, usually jump on it.
There are big keys in caves hidden around the world. There are doors in these caves leading to unreal worlds. The keys are shattered and hidden in these worlds and only the bravest can survive to get the keys. You usually need small keys to enter the doors.The small keys are also hidden and can be anywhere. If you get all the pieces of a big key something will happen. When all keys are gathered you will have access to the great powerstone.
These worlds are places you will go if you enter the doors. In these worlds the pieces of the big keys are hidden. The unreal worlds can contain anything, and some of them may not be unreal places. Be very careful in these worlds, nothing protects you.
The powerstone is a stone with powers that can change the world. It is almost impossible to reach because it is hidden and guarded and cannot be reached without the big keys. It has only been found and use once in an extreme world crisis. If it should fall in the wrong hands the world would be doomed so the doors were shut and the keys were broken and hidden when the world was restored to normal conditions.
It is said to exist four emeralds; One for each element. Fire, water, air and earth. If anyone should be so lucky to gather the emeralds that person would be tested. If the person is worthy the key of the elements would be formed. That key could give access to special powers if used in the right place.
There once were evil animals whose only purpose in life was to destroy. They belong to their own tribe and now they are said to be gone. Many of the periods of evil in the history were started of these evil ones. Some special remarks of these animals are: Brown body, green feet, light green eyes.
Some old trees are told to be wise and alive. Some rare animals say they can communicate with these trees. These animals usually guard and protect the trees, and the trees give good advise in return. The trees can also give help and advise to good animals who need it.
There are animals in this world that can see some parts of the future and other places they have never been. They are oracles and can give advise to the good animals, like the trees. The oracles live mostly like normal persons, but some have moved to places not many will go.
Robots whose size are remarkably larger than the other robots exist. These robots first appeared during the first time of crisis. They all have different behaviours and looks. If you go to secret places you may find these robots used as guardians; some of them have been captured and taken to places only the very special good ones must go. You can also find them in places where they only are used for pure evil purpose.

 *Download from 3,65 MB
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