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Maelstrom 3D 1 2002 Evan Parker
Freeware 3D flightsim Space shooter decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Evan Parker 81 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English, Nederlands
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 4-10-09

Maelstrom 3D Maelstrom 3D
Maelstrom 3D

Maelstrom 3D


Maelstrom 3D is essentially a 3D version of Asteriods with some extra goodies included. It was a finalist in a 2002 competion for a college course entitled "Introduction to Computer Graphics."

The boundries of your flying area are determined by a checkered box. When you leave through one side of this cube, you reappear on the opposite end, in much they same way as asteroids except in 3 dimensions.

There are three different views in this game:
First person view is a view from your spaceship looking forward.
Third person view is looking towards your spacecraft from behind and above. This view allows you to see any asteroids which may be coming towards you from behind. And the static view as its name impies allows you to look at the whole asteroid belt from a fixed location.
You earn oints by shooting asteroids and other objects and collecting power ups. The first level is dificult and the higher levels are even much more so.

Basic Controls:
All Keypad keys are with NUM LOCK OFF

Mousemovement: Controls ship direction
keypad 4/6 = Left/Right
keypad 8/5 = Up/Down
keypad 7/9 = Roll Left/Right

Left Mouse Button/Tab = Fire
Right Mouse Button/Keypad 0 = Thrust
Middle Mouse Button/Space = Shield

Other Controls:
F1 = First Person View
F2 = Third Person View
F3 = Static View

F9 = Toggle Particle Effects
F10 = Toggle Inverted Controls
F11/F12 = Dcreasde/Increase Video Resolution
640x 480 to 1600x1200
Alt Enter = Toggle Full Screen

Left/Right Brackets ([]) = Music Volume Up/Down
Backslash (\) = Change Music Mode
Single Quote (') = Next Song
Comma/Period (,.) = Sound Effercts Volume Up/Down

Esc = Pause/Help
Quit = Esc and then Q

There is at least one hidden keyboard control.

If you think that 2D Asteroids is to dificult for you, Then you might just want to pass this one up.
Reviewed by Mark S.

 *Download from (incl music - no install) 1,9 MB
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (incl music - no install) 1,9 MB.

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