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Mind Arms 0.75 2009 Fancy Factory
Freeware Fight games   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Fancy Factory HOME 99 %
Windows 98+ (DirectX 7) cpu 450 MHz English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 4-10-09 UPDATED

Mind Arms Mind Arms
Mind Arms

Mind Arms


A beautiful Japanese fighting game for 1 or 2 players.

Luckily for us, most of the menu items are in English. There are 3 different worlds and 5 different characters (Chain, Kanna, Chako, Takaya and Eigen) to choose from.
Important note: Use the Z key as enter key. (to select items, etc)

Story Mode
A game in sequential levels.
The next menu is in Japanese and I suppose you can choose one of the 4 worlds.
Then another menu appears and I suppose you can choose one of the 5 different characters to play with.

Free Battle
- 1 player against a computer opponent
- 2 player game
- 2 players, both computer players (watch the game)
First choose one of the 5 players as player 1 (use arrow keys + Z)
Then choose an opponent
Then select one of the 3 worlds, or a random one.

Many options, but the most important one is first one: the 5 difficulty levels.

Player 1:
Arrow keys = move and jump
Double click the left/right arrows to jump/roll forwards/backwards
Z, X, C (and sometimes V) = attack
Player 2:
I, J, K, L = move and jump
Double click the J / L keys to jump/roll forwards/backwards
A, S, D (and sometimes F) = attack
Space bar = pause
Esc = exit game (back to menu)
Enter = take a screenshot

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

new version 0.66 4-2008

new version 0.73 5-2009
There's a new character name Colne (Korune) who appears to be a clone of Chako, but really she's her own character who not only has her own moveset, but also can send out "shadows" of the other characters to attack for her. She can also float. I don't think she's finished though.
I'm not sure if Sarah (Sera) was in the last version, but she's complete. She's half wolf, and loses about a pixel or so of health with every power-attack. (Down+Forward Attack for example).
Submitted by Namo
note 1: Sorry, but it doesn't run on all computers :( Don't ask me why as I don't understand Japanese.
note 2: For winVista users: When you got an error "d3drm.dll missing" then download here a zip file containing the d3drm.dll and put that dll into C:/windows/system32 or C:/windows/sysWOW64/

new version 0.75 9-2009
- new voice (Seruto)
- new control (Slash fall of Seruto)
and a few improvements

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 48,4 MB
 Authors homepage (Japanese) .
 for Vista users: put this DLL into C:/windows/system32 or C:/windows/sysWOW64 173 kB.

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