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Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine 2004 Jeff Silvers
Freeware Super Mario   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Jeff Silvers 87 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 4-10-09

Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine
Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine


Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine


Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine is a much better sequel to the original Mario Epic. It is improved in every way. There are more than 45 enemies for mario to get through! This still isn't a perfect mario game though.
The gameplay is refreshing. The sounds and graphics are from many mario games, in example, when you beat a level, the song from the NES mario games plays. Some backgrounds are taken from Super Mario World, Super Mario 3, and from some gameboy games (the layout at least, not the graphics). Every level is different, one level will be a forest, and the other a desert. So you will never have to say, "Ah man... another forest level? These are boring." Mario instead of dyung when being hurt once, has "health", which is measured in hearts. You can get flower and hammer powerups, (hammers are my favorite). Getting a mushroom gives you a heart for the heart meter. There are 1-up mushrooms as well as bad mushrooms(they take away one heart). You can pick up vegetables from the floor like in Super Mario 2, really nice.
One thing I didn't like was the physics. When you step on an enemy(most of them), they just poof, and that includes the turtles. So You dont get that little boost as you jump on a goomba the way genuine mario games have. Also, there is some bugs that I see alot in games made with the engine, "Multimedia Fusion". When a song finishes, it just starts over, known as a loop. So when a song loops, the game freezes for a second and then starts as soon as the music restarts itself. Another bug is a little more of nuisance. Lets say your trying to get over a block or wall, you jump forward and touch the top block of the wall. If you are able to float over it before gravity pulls you back down, you expect to be able to go past the wall, right? For some reason, if you touch a block while jumping you wont be able to move to the sides until you reach the floor. For me, I experienced this problem very often.

Left and right directional arrows: moves mario
up arrow: Enter door
down arrow: go down a pipe
shift: jump
ctrl: fire weapon
space: releases the item in your "reserve box"

All in all this is an okay mario game, especially when compared to some of the others mario games. This should be a fun game for mario fans.

Reviewed by EiG

 *Download from (no install) 2,02 MB

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