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Dots and Boxes 2.6.0 2004 Ossie Manners
Freeware Puzzle   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Ossie Manners HOME 61 %
Windows 98+ English
 Tested on winXP and 2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Dots and Boxes Dots and Boxes


Dots and Boxes


This game, Dots and Boxes is the computer game of a classic pencil and paper game by the same name which, before computers was always a draw. It was also know as "Pigs and Sties". The two players (Human and Computer or Human and Human) take turns drawing vertical or horizontal lines between two adjacent dots. If a player completes one or two boxes (of size 1x1) by drawing a line, The computer then places a "me" or "you" (No.1 or No.2) in the box(es) and the player has to place another line. The turn continues until a line is placed that does not complete a box. The winner is whoever ends up with the most boxes.

Dots and Boxes is one of the quietest games I have played in a long time since there is no sound except for the clicking of the mouse button. The window is resizable but if it is to big, then it just makes it harder to play the game. The computer keeps tracks of the number of wins/losses against itsself, but if you are ashamed of your losses, you can reset this by deleting the file "statistics". Cheating is allowed in this game by forcing the computer to play again or undoing a move.

Game Type
Ctrl+C = Computer to Play First
Ctrl+H = Human to Play First
Ctrl+R = Random to Play First
Ctrl+P = Force Computer to Play Again
Ctrl+V = Human vs Human

Ctrl+N = Space = New Game
Del = UnDo Move
Shift+Del = Back One Step
Ctrl+I = Sides (1 to 20)
Ctrl+Q = Quit

Spacing = Changes Size of Window
Evaluate board when Moves left = (1 to 31)
F1 = How to Play
F12 = Statistics

Computer Color = Black
Player #1 Color = Red
Player #2 Color = Blue

Although the rules are simple in this game, it is very dificult to beat the computer because the AI (articicial intelligence) is so good.
Reviewed by Mark S.
note: If you are running Windows 95 You may need the VB runtime files.
 *Download from (no install) 95 kB
 Authors home and downloadpage .

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