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Operation: Invasion Evasion 2 2005 Andrew Vanbeck
Freeware 3D shooter RPG decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Andrew Vanbeck 97 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Operation: Invasion Evasion Operation: Invasion Evasion
Operation: Invasion Evasion

Operation: Invasion Evasion


A great 3D RPG game based on "Cannon Flodder".
This really great game has 8 exciting missions: 4 on land and 4 in the snow. In this game you have to beat the aliens with your team of soldiers. You can enter the buildings, driving a jeep, pick up weapons, ammo or extra lives, etc...
The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is outstanding.

mouse= scroll / aim
left mouse= move to
right mouse = shoot
space= lob a grenade
arrows= camera
shift= scroll faster / let the soldiers run faster.
Ctrl= let the soldier exit the jeep
Enter= shows the player options, where you can adjust the weapon and also select
characters. To select a character or deselect one, click on the characters head,
small=deselected, big=selected. Unselected characters will defend themselves
Esc= Exit to main menu
Alt+F4= Exit game (see note)

note: Use Alt+F4 to exit. Do not click on the button "Exit"!!! else you have to wait a whole minute before it quits to windows! (or press Alt+Enter and close the game).

Cheat: press the enter key to get to the dog tag screen and type HERO to get 999% health, 999 machine gun and 99 grenades.

Reviewed by Mark S. and Rudy Caiman

 *Download from (no install) 15,3 MB
 Mirror download (gamecreators) 15,3 MB.

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