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Caterpillars - The Revenge 1.0 2004 Kenneth Bugeja
Freeware 3D games Snake decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Kenneth Bugeja 99 %
Windows (cpu 1.5 GHz - 64 MB graphic card) English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Caterpillars - The Revenge Caterpillars - The Revenge
Caterpillars - The Revenge

Caterpillars - The Revenge


This one is most assuredly the greatest 3D snake game that I have ever seen

It is a game for one or two players (split screen).
Caterpillars has amazing graphics, beautiful music and the gameplay is great.
Don't ask me how many levels this game has, because I don't know. After 6 hours playing I finished level 12 and I would liked to have played more levels, but I had no time left.
There are 4 worlds:
- The flower garden: really beautiful graphics
- Under water: not as good graphics nice
- In space: a bit futuristic, but boring graphics
- On a billard table: wonderful graphics

I didn't find any help file, so I will try to explain all you need to play this nice game.
There are two game modes:
In both modes you have to eat all the nuts within a certain time. But don't worry, you have time enough. So, you don't need to hurry up (except in the higher levels). You have all the time you need to enjoy the game and the nice graphics.
In the first game mode you have to eat 101 nuts within the allocated time.
In the second one, there is only one nut at the time. In this mode you have to be a bit quicker than the frst mode.


Heart = extra life
Skull = dead
Lightning = speed up
Turtle = speed slow down
x2 = enlarge your snake
x1/2 = shrink your snake
Mine = by pressing enter you can drop a mine
Grenade = by pressing enter you can drop agrenade
Ghost = make you invisible
Wall = by pressing enter you can build a wall

Left / right arrow keys = turn to the left / right
Enter = action key (if you have a mine, grenade or wall)
1,2,3,4,5 = camera views
+ / - = zoom in / out
Esc = show ingame menu
In the 2 player mode:
A / D = turn to the left / right
Space = action key (if you have a mine, grenade or wall)
6,7,8,9,0 = camera views
[ / ] = zoom in / out
A pity there is no load/save option.

Camera views:
- First person view
- Third person view
- Bird's eye
- TV camera mode
- Top view (the best choice when playing "In Space" levels)

This was an entry for The Game Creators - 2004 Game Programming Competition

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (gamecreators - no install) - 36,5 MB
 mirror downloadpage .
 Homepage The Game Creators (DarkBasic) .
 Authors homepage (only music, no games) .
 Homepage of the game music (only music, no games) .

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