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Helillom Planet 1.2 2005 Gerardo Prieto
Freeware Platform game   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Gerardo Prieto HOME 85 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Helillom Planet Helillom Planet
Helillom Planet

Helillom Planet


Be an alien in this platformer with superb graphics.
This great game has 49 cute one-screen levels on 7 different planets.
Throughout the game you will encounter many different types of alien enemies and other obstacles to finish off the game like cannons, lightning bolts, moving and disappearing platforms... Have fun!
Your colony has been conquered by invaders of other planets. After the invasion the few colony citizens that have survived are forced to work as slaves in the mines nearby and suffer miserably. All the alpha-gems production, source of the planetary energy, is daily exported to the planets of the invaders. Although your people have galactic ships, they don't have enough energy to make them work and come back to the mother planet. Because of your experience as a former mercenary and redeemed thief, the elders of the colony have assigned you the mission of travelling to the enemies planets to steal the maximum alpha-gems so your people can reach freedom. To complete the mission you will have to make a journey to the 7 planets of the invaders, beginning by the closest; the Helillom planet.
In each level you will have to collect all the alpha-gems available. When this task is completed a teleporter will open up so you can advance to the next level. The game consists of 7 planets with 7 levels each. In the last level of each planet, as soon as you finish the mission, a spaceship will come to pick you up. Write the names of the planets that you visit. Later you can use them as codes so you won't have to start the game from the beginning every time.
Arrow keys = move, climb and jump
Ctrl = shoot
Shift (or X) = shield
Down arrow + Shift (or X) = a shield above your head
P = pause
- / + (or 1 / 2) = Decrease / increase game speed
M = Music on/off
Esc = Back to main menu
In menu:
F1 = help
F4 = screen modes
F8 = screen resolutions
F10 = clear High scores

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 3,03 MB
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 3,15 MB
 *Download from (no install) 3,03 MB
 Authors homepage .
 Authors DOWNLOAD page .
 (Spanish) DESCARGAR el archivo en formato Zip 3,03 MB.
 (Spanish) DESCARGAR el instalador (un archivo auto-extraible) 3,15 MB.
 (Spanish) Informacion sobre el juego
 (Spanish) Authors homepage (inicio)

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