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Pokemon Aquarium - Magikarp edition 2003 BJ Gamecreations
Freeware Kids games   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: BJ Gamecreations HOME 69 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Pokemon Aquarium - Magikarp edition Pokemon Aquarium - Magikarp edition
Pokemon Aquarium - Magikarp edition

Pokemon Aquarium - Magikarp edition


Go fishing, fill your aquarium and let the pokemon evolve

First you can catch some water pokemon by fishing with a fishing boat on the sea.
Then you have to maintain your aquarium.
To let the pokemon evolve, go to the poke-maze and look for some fish food.
The game has 16 different pokemon (including evolved ones and the one legendary pokemon)
For all pokemon you can only have 5 of each in The Aquarium at a time except the one legendary pokemon.

F1 = ingame help
Alt = save game
Space (in title screen) = load game
Ctrl = pause
Esc = exit game
Fishing on sea:
Controls: arrows = move / space = throw a pokeball to catch a pokemon
Click with your mouse on the boat to go back to the aquarium.
Aquarium Controls
Move the mouse over the pokemon to select them and see their stats
Left click (hold down) on a pokemon to make them follow your mouse
(move your mouse unclicked over them to make them stop following)
To release a single pokemon left click (hold down), then when it's following your mouse right click on it and it will be released back into the Ocean. You can also simply click on the pokemon you want to release with both sides of the mouse at the same time.
Poke-maze (looking for fish food)
When a pokemon is selected click on the "go to the poke-maze" icon to enter the maze as that certain pokemon
Arrow keys = move
Left click on the pokemon you have in control to go back to the Pokemon Aquarium
When you catched some food you will go back to the aquarium. There you right click on the same pokemon who has catched the fish food and he will evolve.
To de-evolve a pokemon just go to The Ocean or The Poke-maze then return to the Aquarium
To get back released pokemon just go to The Ocean or The Poke-maze then return to the Aquarium

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 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install - one file) - 657 kB
 *Download from (no install - one file) 657 kB
 Authors homepage .
 Authors homepage 2 .

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