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Strategic Billiard 1.0 2005 Igor Galochkin
Freeware Sports   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Igor Galochkin HOME 70 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Strategic Billiard Strategic Billiard
Strategic Billiard

Strategic Billiard


In this computerized version of billiard; called Strategic Billiard, you alter the laws of physics and the laws of nature! The main goal of this game is to score as many points as possible by shooting the higher point balls into the pockets. The number opf points that a ball is worth is determined in part by the number of collisions it has had before reaching the pocket. The game is over when all balls are removed from the table. The game play is very unique from any other billiard type of game. After a shot is taken and while the balls are still moving, they can be frozen in time (paused) and various actions (called tools) can performed on them. And then the game can be continued (unpaused). While the balls are still moving, you can apply various tools to theml several times during one turn. The turn is over when all balls stop moving. The tools at your disposal are: Play/pause, cue Stroke, fan, tilt table, stop, 2 reflectors, teleport, jump, magnet, hammer, accelerate and chaos. The fan tool will have an effect of a very powerful wind on the balls and blow them around. Where as the magnet tool will attract the balls like a magnet. The teleport tool makes the ball appear somewhere else. This is just a brief description of the game but the authors well written manual is much better. But you still cannot get a good feel for the game until you have played it. Included within the game is a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game and what all the tools do.

The game has very pleasant music and excellent quality sound effects of the balls hitting. The game plays only in a very tiny window of 306x325 pixels. The game has both single and two player mode. In single player mode there is no computer opponent


Do things in Strategic Billiard which are totally impossible in a regular game of billiard.

Reviewed by Mark S.

 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (ZIP - no install) - 2,44 MB
 *Download from (ZIP - no install) 2,44 MB
 Authors homepage .
 Mirror download (RAR - no install) 2,44 MB.

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