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Steel Panthers: World At War 8.4 2004 Matrix Games
Freeware Simulation Fight games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Matrix Games HOME 96 %
Windows (DirectX 8.1) English
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Steel Panthers: World At War Steel Panthers: World At War
Steel Panthers: World At War

Steel Panthers: World At War


In this WW2 top down, turn based simulation, recreate many of the battles from the time period 1930 - 1949 and see how the reults would be if you were the commander. Be in charge of the forces of 1 of 27 countries. Play against the computer, via internet, by email or face to face against a 'friend' on the same computer. As commander you control your army of foot soldiers, tanks, half tracks, artillery and all the other units which make up an army. However they did leave out the medical unit. Also, since there is no 'mess tent' your men will be eating K-rations. You can even send paratoopers and gliders into enemy teritory. For the novice there are 8 tutorials ranging from absolute beginner to more sophisticated ones such as "mines and bunker" and "Attacking a tiger." Some of the scenarios are short ranging in time durations as short as 30 minutes, while others are longer and some can even last in excess of 4 hours.

There is an editor to create your own scenarios and campaigns. The game is in 8 languages. You can save/load your games. As in a real war, there are many different things which can determine the outcome of battle. The terrain and the changing weather can play a huge role in the outcome of battle. This game has it. As commander you need to know the armament that your men have and its capabilities. Well, this game has that also. It's called the "Weapons Encyclopedia" abd it gives details on all the country's wepons used in this game. It is called an encyclopedia because it is so huge. It even includes pictures..

The graphics:
What you see in the screen shots above is not quite what you see in the game. A single screen shot cannot depict the clever animations which you see in this game. Smoke and explosions are animated. The airplanes dropping the parachutists are also animated. These are just some of the animations which you will see..

The sound:
Besides the normal music which is heard in games, this game has also stereo sound effects which sounds like you are in a real war. The guns pop as they are fired and you hear the ricochet of their bullets. You also hear the clanging of the tanks as they are moving. And the sound effects don't stop here..

The gameplay:
While it is your turn and you are instucting your troops what to do, you will hear your troops moving and possibly some enemy gunfire. Also, during your turn you have primarily two basic options: You can move troops and you can fire at the enemy. When you have made all the moves that you want/can then it is your opponents turn..

The game when installed requires about 1 Gigabyte of storage on your hard drive! Since its release 5 years ago as a commercial game, Steel Panthers World at War has been very popular. So, if someone should need some help with playing the game, help will be easy to find. SPWaW has a dificulty rating of medium. If you have never played this kind of game before, now is your chance to do it for free. For the beginner, it WILL require some reading in the manual though..

The purpose of this review is to show what a great game this is and to introduce the reader to some of its many features so that you can determine if it is a game that you'd like to download and play. The purpose is not to teach you how to play the game. That is why there is an excellent 200+ page manual..
Reviewed by Mark S.

 DOWNLOAD Full Version 8.20 (does NOT include Mega-Campaigns) (slow d/l)425 MB
 DOWNLOAD Patch to upgrade to Version 8.303,8 MB
 DOWNLOAD Patch to upgrade to Version 8.401,9 MB
 DOWNLOAD SPWAW Chlanda Kit (various utilities/addons)1,7 MB

 Homepage of the game
 Authors DOWNLOAD page .
 Mirror download page 1 .
 Mirror download page 2 .
 Forums of Steel Panthers: World At War .

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