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Deluxe Snake 3.81 2005 Daniel Schlyder
Freeware Snake   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Daniel Schlyder HOME 99 %
Windows (DirectX 7) - (Linux, BeOS) English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Deluxe Snake Deluxe Snake
Deluxe Snake

Deluxe Snake


At first this game may look like an ordinary snake clone, with average graphics. But it is the best snake game I ever played. The reason for it is the very polished gameplay.

Like all snake games in Deluxe snake you have to collect the numbers from 1 to 9, you snakes lenght will increase because of them.
The most unique feature which make this game diferent from other snakes is the possibility to cut you snake. All you have to do is to reach your tail with your head or in other words bite in your own tail. This will make your snake 2 times shorter and also few mushrooms (bad items) will appear. It requires some practice to cut you snake easily.

There are many game modes: you can change game speed, lifes, borders or partitial, arena size and other things. All the modes have seperate higscore tables containing the 20 best scores.

Default controls are relative, so this means that there are only 2 directions (keys). You may select absolute (4 directions) controls in OPTIONS/INPUT menu

leftturn left
rightturn right
left ctrl+directiondouble turn
Left ShiftReverse direction travelled in (only works when you have the Reverse bonus item)?
SpaceDetonate cyan bomb (prioritize destruction of cyan bricks)
AltDetonate grey bomb (prioritize destruction of grey bricks)
ABuy Antidote bonus item(only in Deluxe Cash mode)
DBuy Diet Pill bonus item(only in Deluxe Cash mode)
XBuy Multiplier bonus item(only in Deluxe Cash mode)
Return Buy lifeBuy life (only in Deluxe Cash mode)

Item information
Good items
Megafoodfood item with a plus sign on, it is called a megafood. It is worth more than regular food, and increases snake length quite a bit. (Tip: It is never any easier to bite tail than when you`ve just eaten a megafood)
Stone foodStone food are round and grey, and count upwards from 1 to 9 before turning into grey bricks. Luckily, they only spawn when number of bricks is above three, and you can eat them safely while they`re counting. (appears only later in game)
Frogs and giftsEating a frog or a gift gives you a bonus item. Frogs move around randomly, so they`re not as easy to catch as gifts, but much more common.

Bonus items
Antidoteprotects against mushroom effects
Candy Caneseat the candy for bonus points. bonus for eating all candy canes.
Diet Pillfood eaten reduces length
Doubler2x scores, 1.5x lengths
Dynamitecollect three sticks to assemble a bomb. Use the bomb to destroy 12 points worth of bricks. A cyan brick is worth one point while a grey is worth 3. A Cyan Bomb will prioritize destruction of cyan bricks while a Grey Bomb will try to destroy any grey bricks first.
Reverseuse to reverse direction travelled in (i.e. tail becomes head)
Shieldsare automatically used to protect you from collisions with bricks. One shield is required to survive a cyan brick collision, while a grey brick collision requires two.
Tripler3x scores, 2x lengths

Bad items
Red mushroomEating a will poison the snake causing control keys to be reversed for a short period of time denoted by the poison bar at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Blue mushroomEating a will cause two cyan bricks to be spawned in random locations.
Mushroom generatorWhen number of mushrooms increases to ten and above a mushroom generator will eventually be spawned. It will spawn red mushrooms at a slow rate until it is removed. You can remove it by eating it, which will spawn 3-6 new mushrooms, or reducing the number of mushrooms to less than ten, which will make it disappear.
Cyan bricksYou will lose shield or life if do not have any shield and touch this type of bricks
Grey bricksYou will lose life if touch this type of bricks
There is a 30% chance of food turning into red or blue mushrooms if not eaten quickly enough.

Antidote, Diet Pill, Doubler, Tripler, and mushroom effects last 15 seconds with normal gamespeed.

Reviewed by dArt

 Authors home and DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 1,67 MB
 *Download from (install) 1,65 MB
 Linux download .
 BeOS download .

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