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Wild Metal Country 1999 Rockstar
Freeware 3D shooter Multiplayer decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Rockstar HOME 89 %
Windows (DirectX 6.1) English
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Wild Metal Country Wild Metal Country
Wild Metal Country

Wild Metal Country


Scenario for Wild Metal Country:
Three planets in the Techric system have been taken over by machines whose objective is to destroy all life forms. Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to retake the power cores (eight of them) from each level.

There are at LEAST 8 levels and each level can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours or more yo complete depending upon how good you are. Your progress during the game can be saved. You have 5 different tanks to choose from which are named: Manta, Roadrunner, Bulldog, Rhino and Chetah. Just before starting a saved game, you can even choose a different tank to command. There is a boat load full of different enemies (both land and air) to destroy and when you think that you've seen 'em all, up pops a different one! Some of the enemy are kind of stupid and just sit there waiting for you to 'eliminate' them, but others are very tricky and clever and will probably get the better of you many times. When your tank gets blown away, you start the current level from a saved state. There are air drops of ammo along the way by helicopters.

Excep[t for the somewhat chunky explsions which look like fireworks, the graphics are excellent. The game has shadows lensflare, the tank leaves tracks on ground. There is a radar screen overlayed with the video so that you can see where the enemies and valuable power cores are around you. Wild metal Country has the usual options which you've come to expect from high quality games: screen resolution, size, color bits and windowed/full screen. There are a couple of sound controls, but there is no music in the game.. Internet play is available for several players. Keyboard controls are redefinable and the Joystick can be used also.

A few suggestion to enhance your gaming expeience:
Set video contols to maximum detail (defaults are less then ideal)
Follow the helicopters if you don't know where to go for the next power core or enemy.
If you get stuck upside down, fire your cannon to put you back on the (up)right track(s).
Drive with your lights on. You'll need them sooner or later anyway.

5, 6 (num pad) = Left/Right track forward
2, 3 (Num pad) = Left/Right track backward
Enter (Num pad) = Brake
+ (Num pad) = Afterburner boost (multiplayer only)
A, S = Turret Left/Right
Space = Turret elevation/fire
Left Ctrl = Drop mine
Numbers 1-8 = Select turret weapon
9, 0, -, = = Select mine weapon
Q, W = Camera pitch up/down
Z, X = Camera zoom in/out
R = Rescue
P = Pause
Esc = In game options
T = Transmit message
L = Lights on/off
Tab = Status
Right-shift = Radar on/off

Wild Metal Country has all kinds of great action, but don't let the large number of keyboard controls intimidate you. It's very easy to play.

Reviewed by Mark S.

note from Terex77: (2009)
The master server doesn't host this game anymore, so this game is not a multiplayer game anymore. (you still can play it as single player ;))
 Authors DOWNLOAD page (register for free / install) - 165 MB
 Authors homepage .

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