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Pakkman 2005 Darth Falco - TMB Software
Freeware Pacman   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Darth Falco - TMB Software 69 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED




PAKKMAN is a clone (surprise, surprise) of Pac-Man. It`s got all of the levels that I know of. Although I have never really played the original game past level 5 myself - so I could be wrong.

The aim of the game is to clear each maze of all the dots without being caught by any of the four ghosts that are chasing you around the maze. For each dot you eat you will be given 10 points and each power dot will give you 50 points.

If you eat one of the four power dots you will be given a short time when you can chase and eat the ghosts (which are now blue) for extra points. The points you will recieve for doing this are 200 for the first ghost, 400 for the second, 800 for the third and 1600 for the fourth. Each time you eat a power dot these points are reset to start from 200. Every time you progress through each maze the length of time that you can eat the ghosts is shortened.

The names of each ghost are:

Shadow / Blinky (red ghost)
Speedy / Pinky (pink ghost)
Bashful / Inky (blue ghost)
Pokey / Clyde (orange ghost)

Unlike the original game, all of these ghosts can chase you pretty well only with Clyde being a little dim sometimes.

There are several different items to collect and gain you bonus points during the game. These will appear twice during each level.

Here`s the run down of each item:

Level 1 - Cherry`s (100 points)
Level 2 - Strawberry`s (300 points)
Level 3 - Peaches (500 points)
Level 4 - Apple`s (700 points)
Level 5 - Grape`s (1000 points)
Level 6 - Galaxian (2000 points)
Level 7 - Bell`s (3000 points)
Level 8 - Key`s (5000 points)
(Key`s are continued in each level from level 8 onwards.)

Also unlike the original Pac-Man, this game will go on forever once you get through to the Key level. The original Pac-Man stopped at an unplayable level number 256 due to the limitation of the hardware of the time.

Space = start game
Arrows = move
Alt / F10 = pause
F1 = help

Any codes you find can be entered by typing them in during the - Character / Nickname - screen. (see comments for some cheats)

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 1,89 MB
 *Download from (no install - old version) 1,89 MB

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