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Manic Miner PC 0.79 2004 Andy Noble
Freeware Loderunner   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Andy Noble HOME 61 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Manic Miner PC Manic Miner PC


Manic Miner PC


A nice remake of Manic Miner (Loderunner)

Miner Willy, while prospecting down Surbiton way, stumbles upon an ancient, long forgotten mine-shaft. On further exploration, he finds evidence of a lost civilisation far superior to our own, which used automatons to dig deep into the Earth's core to supply the essential raw materials for their advanced industry. After centuries of peace and prosperity, the civilisation was torn apart by war, and lapsed into a long dark age, abandoning their industry and machines. Nobody, however, thought to tell the mine robots to stop working, and through countless aeons they had steadly accumulated a hugh stockpile of valuable metals and minerals, and Miner Willy realises that he now has the opportunity to make his fortune by finding the underground store. Can YOU take the challange and guide Willy through the underground caverns to the surface and riches. In order to move to the next chamber, you must collect all the flashing keys in the room while avoiding nasties like POISONUS PANSIES and SPIDERS and SLIME and worst of all, MANIC MINING ROBOTS. When you have all the keys, you can enter the portal which will now be flashing. The game ends when you have been "got" or fallen heavily three times.

NOTE: This was taken from the original BUG-BYTE inlay. I have never seen any POISONUS PANSIES, SPIDERS or SLIME anywhere in the game

On the title screen:
F1 = about and options
enter = start game.
In Game:
left arrow or Q E T U O = Left
right arrow or W R Y I P = Right
Z X C V B N M , . / SPACE = Jump
A S D F G = Pause
H J K L = Music toggle
You can also use your joystick and cursor keys.
CTRL+1-6 = Change Game Speed during Game (not permanently). 1=Fast/6=Slow
ESCAPE Will take you back to the Title Screen and Quit to Windows

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (no install) - 485 kB
 *Download from (no install) 485 kB
 Authors homepage .
 Authors games page .

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