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Purple Martians Michael Weiss
Freeware Platform game Retro games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Michael Weiss HOME 69 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Purple Martians Purple Martians
Purple Martians

Purple Martians


Help the Martian Zorg to escape Vega 8

Author's Description: A really cool platform game like Bubble Bobble, Lode Runner, or Super Mario.

- the game works identically in Linux and Windows
- two players can play at the same time
- 35 huge levels (plus you can build more!)
- 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)
- user defineable setup for keyboard and/or joystick
- sound effects and a soundtrack by Russel Hoy
- bombs you can carry and throw
- rockets you can ride and steer
- lots of bad dudes and items that are completely customizable with the level editor
- zooming game map (looks cool)

And the best feature of all: The Level Editor to make your own levels!

Help the Martian Zorg to escape Vega 8
Purple Martians is a very Retro game with colorful bright graphics and good music, the look of this game will remind of the old 80s style games. Your mission is to get your little Purple Martian ( Zorg ) to escape the dungeons of Vega 8 where his ship has crashed, go around the levels finding keys to open the exit doors using buttons, lifts and springs. The game has loads of different kinds of Bad Guys trying to stop you in your mission in getting to the exit, some of the levels are huge what will keep you very busy.
Some springs will need to be pick up and moved you need to hold the fire button down then move into the spring and it will stick to you, release the button to let go of the spring, some blocks you can shoot with Plasma Pistol to destroy them also you have the bombs what are good for blowing holes in certain walls to get goodies or to help you along on the level, the rockets work in the same way but are also just good fun to jump on for a ride. Don't waste your ammo as not all levels have Pick-ups. Every level has a time limit so keep an eye on the time or you will be starting the level again unless you can find a Time pick-up.

Pick-ups :
Extra live bonus
Time bonus
Bullet bonus
Health bonus
Read the On Screen Help as it shows you what the pick-ups look like.

This game has got one of the best detailed help screens i have seen what will answer all your Questions on how to do something also will help you to make your own levels. This game has a good amount of levels and good gameplay with enough of a challenge to keep you playing for a while.
Reviewed by agizzer

 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 1,48 MB
 *Download from (no install) 1,48 MB
 Authors homepage .

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