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Boxxed 1.1 2006 Xaver
Freeware Arcade   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Xaver HOME 89 %
Windows + DirectX 9c English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Boxxed Boxxed



It is a collection of packaging-themed minigames. Complete the tasks in any order of your choosing, then save up enough money so you can get through the boss levels. The game is saved automatically each time you return to the stage select screen.

When you successfully complete a task, you earn a fixed amount of money based on the difficulty level. In addition, you may receive bonus money and TPS points based on your performance (like having a lot of extra time left). Money can be used to purchase assistance for the boss tasks and TPS points are used for upgrading your packing machine.

There are over 20 different mini-games, although you start with just 8 initially. Once you beat the boss levels, more of them will be unlocked.

*more than 20 minigames available
*multiple difficulty levels per mini-game
*automatic saving to the save slot of your choice
*upgrade your machine with stat points you earn
*a wide variety of minigames, from quick reflex games to more complex tasks
*complete the boss levels to unlock even more games

The controls are pretty much self-explanatory (arrow keys/WASD to move when applicable) and instructions are given before each stage.

There are 3 kinds of things you can purchase at the shop:
1. assistance: used to help you get through the boss level
2. upgrades: used to make your packing machine stronger in various aspects
3. packing machines: when you get enough trophies, you can play as a different machine (I won't spoil it and say exactly how to get trophies )

Game Review by Trek:

Boxxed is an entire package of super-fun packaging-related mini-games. You start off with about 9 or so games to choose from and each one has 5 levels. When you complete one, you get a certain amount of money on a nifty little paycheck, some bonus money depending on how well you did, TPS Points, and sometimes, a chance at a quick number quiz. If you get the quiz right, you receive a trophy that can be used to buy a new packing machine.

With the money, you can head over to the shop and buy assistance with the Boss Task. You can also use the TPS Points you received to upgrade your machine or, if you have enough trophies, switch to an entirely new model.

At any time, you can attempt the boss task. This is a particularly hard mini-game that will generally need you to purchase assistance from the shop in order to complete. Once passed, you roll on to some new section of the building or transport to another building where you get more games and more levels for the games in the last section.

Despite an intially unprofessional appearance, don't let it fool you. This is a seriously playable and replayable game that is not only fun but also highly original with great variety.

Reviewed by Trek

This game was made for the Caiman TPS Total Pack contest 2006.
The game ended on the 5th place with 83.8% and won US$220

new version 1.1
Changes from the previous version:
*fixed bugs with boss levels 3+
*minor graphical changes for some background pictures
*descriptive text for certain shop items fixed

 Sponsor's Direct Download (hotlinking permitted) - no install - 12,8 MB
 *Download from (no install) 12,8 MB

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