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Space Baron 1.04 2002 Boxrun
Freeware Space shooter   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Boxrun HOME 80 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Space Baron Space Baron
Space Baron

Space Baron


A strategic Space shooter + shop

This is one of the kind of games you can play for hours or even days. The game never ends which is a shame for such a great game.
Take your time, attack the enemy ships you want in order to collect goods and money. Sell your goods and upgrade your ship or buy a better one.
Personally I loved to fight in the environment of the space dock. Because it's a good place to hide when there are too much enemy ships. They cannot touch you when you are on the space dock ;)

Space is a dangerous place! Navigate through space, defend yourself and collect goods, cash and other bonuses. You can enter the space dock by positioning your ship over the centre of the space dock, entering is automatic as long as the doors are open. Inside a menu lets you buy and sell goods.
With enough money you can puchase new ships, upgrades, warp fuel and gate passes. When you wish to travel to another sector use the mouse or number keys to select the sector (that you have a pass for) that you want to warp to. Then travel towards the warp gate, and as longs as you have fuel you will warp to that sector. Each sector is different, and is usually a little more dangerous than the last, but often availability and costs of goods and ships are different in each sector.

F1 - Help
F2 - Toggle Radar (on or off , if available)
F3 - Toggle Statistics (% or value)
F4 - Toggle Full Screen Mode
F5 - Save Game
F6 - Load Game
F7 - Display Ship Inventory
1...8 - Select Warp Destination
Ctrl - Fire
Left - Turn ship left
Right - Turn ship right
Up - Main Thrusters
Down - Retro Thrusters
P - Pause
Esc - Exit game
In shop: Mouse

How I played the game:
By the start go left down untill you see the space dock (shop). Don't move a wait untill a gray enemy ship appears. Shoot it down. If it left money or a cargo pick it up and enter the shop. Enter the Goods Market. Look at the cost price of the items. When they are cheap, try to buy it. When expensive try to sell it.
eg. You got $40 and you can buy Mineral Ore for $10. Buy 4 items.
Click on "Back", then Exit Space Port.
If you are not good in fighting, just wait on the space dock untill it opens again. Look at the cost prices and sell the cargo if you can do some profit.
eg. Sell your 4 items Mineral Ore at $14. So you got $64.
Try to buy some other cheap items etc..
Of course you will become faster rich if you can shoot more than one ship down, but be careful: You are weak.
Try to buy as soon as possible the "Auxillary Generator". With that you will become much powerful.
Later, when you got more money you will be able to buy a better space ship. Just don't forget to sell your cargo first before buying a ship! For each new ship you have to buy a new "Auxillary Generator" and maybe a "Radar" too.
Good Luck!!!
Reviewed by Rudy

 *Download from (no install) 2,63 MB
 Authors homepage .

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