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Penka Mazes 2007 Alexitron
Freeware Maze games   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Alexitron 80 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Penka Mazes Penka Mazes
Penka Mazes

Penka Mazes


A nice maze game for quick thinkers

The game has 100 levels in 3 different play modes.
Penka is as blind as a bat, so you have to help him through the mazes by putting arrows on the map, else he won't be able to find the exit.
In the first 2 game modes, Penka has to pick up tools as well. He will need that to destroy the traps. There also are Power Spheres and Baku Fruit which will increase your score and give you extra lives. And in the higher levels you will meet other Penkas too ;)

The game has great old-stylish graphics and the gameplay let me think on the arcade/puzzle games of the early eighties (Hurry up or die)

Story Mode:
As soon a the level starts Penka is moving and you have to hurry up placing arrows and tools as quick as possible. Penka has to find the exit

Sphere Hunt Mode:
In this game mode Penka also starts running as soon as the level starts. So you also have to be quick with placing the items. The object of this mode is to collect all power spheres.

Time Attack Mode:
This is the easiest and less nerve-racking mode. In this mode you get some time (eg 30 seconds) to place all arrows you need to lead Penka to the finish. When time is up Penka will start running.

Controls: Mouse

Reviewed by Rudy

new update 9-2007
It's now easier to play. You can now use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to select the corresponding arrows on the game.You will also have a 6 seconds head start to start placing arrows before the character starts to run.(If you have played the game,you know 6 seconds are a big deal)You can now also delete misplaced arrows by right clicking on them.The esc. key will not end the game instantly now,a text box appears instead asking if you want to quit(this can also be used as pause)Added special thanks on the credits for user suggestions that made this update possible(in a general manner).Added an image alpha value to warps and portals to make them look better.

new update 2-2008
-Tools and traps has been assigned to hot keys-(Q) and (ENTER) for Tools and (E) and (SHIFT) for Traps.
-You can now also select arrows with W,A,S,D,.
-The game will save every other level and will give you an extra live at save points if you have less than 3.
-In Time Attack mode the timer has been reduced to increase the challenge and the character will run super fast to shorten the wait.
-In Sphere Hunt mode the character starting position has been changed to make it obvious what his first move will be.(except for the 5 last levels)
-In Story Mode you can now skip the cut scenes.
-Some floor images has been repainted to make some levels easier on the eyes.
-I did my best to get rid of typos but there may still be some of those in the game.
-A better insane creations logo has been added.
-The game will not change the resolution of the screen.
new update 3-2008
new update 4-2008

 *Download from (no install) 3,71 MB

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