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Death Cage 2007 Fanotherpg
Freeware Shoot em up   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Fanotherpg HOME 70 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Death Cage Death Cage
Death Cage

Death Cage


A zombie-shooting game.

This game is very similar to the famous Crimsonland. The controls go smooth and simple and there is even a Training-mode where the controls are explained and where you can practice your gung-ho skills on some zombies before doing the real thing.

When you have mastered your many weapons, you can start playing the real game. The game is a survival mode where zombies start filling the room and where you have to blast them away until they grab hold of you and kill you. There are seven levels to choose from. There are plenty of weapons to choose from such as a knife, a pistol, a SMG, an assault rifle, grenades, a grenade launcher and even a flamethrower. Occasionally, a weapon will spawn at random places in the room and stepping over them will refill the ammo on that specific weapon. You will need the ammo since the zombies, once they get close to you, attack you and your health decreases considerably. Not only the zombies are the threat here, there are also some pipes that release hot air and stepping on them will damage your health and those of the zombies aswell. So it is a matter of blasting away and watching out for two kinds of danger in order to survive. This makes the action go fast and your adrenaline pumps at an unseen rate. Luckily there are some Christmas carols playing in the background to calm you down; if it annoys you, you can always turn it off. There are also some rather bizarre, dark but funny comments to read when you are playing. The problem is that the game requires a lot of your concentration so reading these comments will be difficult, but it is a nice extra anyway.

When you finally get killed, you can add your name to the high score list so that you can get a little contest going between your friend to see whom is the biggest zombie-slayer.

Unfortunately, the game really depends on the gameplay. The graphics are not so bad, but the environments are rather dull and uninspiring. Each level is the same type of room and I would have given the game a better score if there were more variations in the rooms. It would have been nice to shoot your way into a zombie-infested hospital or office, for instance. I can be positive of the carnage you leave behind once you start playing. It is very satisfying to see the whole room full of zombie corpses and blood. The game is not for children, I'm afraid.

The game has a lot of fast-paced gameplay that will keep you busy for some time but it would have been fantastic if the levels would have a different look and a different feel. Nevertheless, it is a great game and it is well worth downloading.
Reviewed by Dainty K.

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 *Download from (no install) 1,43 MB
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