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Jagdgeschwader 2005 Sascha Willems
Freeware 3D flightsim   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Sascha Willems HOME 75 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Jagdgeschwader Jagdgeschwader



A dogfight with WW2 airplanes for 2 players only

Jagdgeschwader can only be played with two human players, an AI for computer enemies is not implemented. You can play it either :
* two players on one PC (called "head-to-head") :
The screen get's split horizontally and the players use the controllers that are set in the configuration tool.
* two players over LAN:
One player starts the server and selects airplanes and scenario. After he started the game, the game will wait until the other player will connect as a client.
If you're connecting as a client you'll have to tell the game at what IP the server was started. Please note that some firewalls may block the game or the port used, so you maybe need to take care of this. The default port for the game is 5000, and client and server need to use the same port.

Gameplay should be easy to get : It's not much more than a one-on-one deathmatch with airplanes. Both players can choose from different airplanes and they than fight each other over a given scenario. Since those air planes are from WW2, they don't have any modern weapon/computersystems that are common nowadays. You just have a single weaponsystem, the machine guns of your plane. Your goal then is to destroy your enemy only using those machine guns, but pay attention : They tend to get hot very fast and then need to cool down before you can use them again. So don't just fire blindly, and also don't forget that machine guns are neither precise nor do they have a very long range.
If you've destroyed your enemy he'll loose one live and respawn on a random place again. If one player has lost all his lifes, the game ends.

Keyboard controls :
Cursor left/right : Roll
Cursor up/down : Pitch
Q/W : Yaw
+/- : Change speed
Space : Fire
Joystick controls (Note : The stick should have some common features like a third axis and throttle) :
X-Axis : Roll
Y-Axis : Pitch
Z-Axis : Yaw
Throttle : Change speed
Button 1 : Fire
Other controls :
F1 : Player 1 : Set camera close behind plane (default)
F2 : Player 1 : Set camera far behind plane
F3 : Player 1 : Set camera behind cockpit
F4 : Player 1 : Set camera free rotate (hold mousebutton and drag to rotate, mousewheel to zoom)
F5 : Player 2 : Set camera close behind plane (default)
F6 : Player 2 : Set camera far behind plane
F7 : Player 2 : Set camera behind cockpit
F8 : Player 2 : Set camera free rotate (hold mousebutton and drag to rotate, mousewheel to zoom)
F9 : Toggle background music
f : Toggle FPS-display
Escape : Quit current game and return to main menu
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (RAR - no install) - 9,77 MB
 *Download from (ZIP - no install) 10,4 MB
 Authors homepage .

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