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Ocai 1.2 2008 Craig Forrester
Freeware Arcade   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Craig Forrester HOME 74 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 14-07-09 UPDATED

Ocai Ocai



A game with nice vectorial graphics. Collect mana eggs

Ocai is a game of collecting and dodging. Swerving away from the Killy Pads (see below), Wander Fish (see below), and spreads of strange gloop (see below), will keep you alive long enough to capture all the area's Mana Eggs in Ocai's mouth. Once this is done, pulsating spots will pop into the water, allowing Ocai to deposit the eggs one by one into them. When all the eggs have been transported to safety in this way you may move to the next level.

+ When you hear the associated sound effect and the "Ready!" message appears in the top right of the screen, then you may press the LMB to cause Ocai to bunch up and thrust himself with extra force through the water. You will then have to wait for a period of time for Ocai to become ready again.
+ PLEASE NOTE that this works most effectively when the cursor is distant from Ocai - so that there is a great potential for speed. Also, try causing Ocai to move in a tight turn as he thrusts - play around and see what you can come up with.

Mana Eggs:
+ Snatch these in Ocai's mouth to rescue them from the ocean. You may bump them with Ocai's body to move them to a more desirable location.
+ NOTE: It is said that some Mana Eggs are close to 'awareness'; such that if they detect any movement, whether from being moved themselves or another Mana Egg being moved, they will race off in a random direction. Chase them if you can!

Killy Pads:
+ These purple growths sit on the surface of the ocean and contain a nasty venom that temporarily paralyzes anything other than Wander Fish. Having evolved together, the Wander Fish can make good use of this by arriving to finish off the unfortunate prey.
+ TIP: Be very careful of your approach when it comes to Killy Pads. A glancing hit will leave you paralyzed yet able to get away when the venom wears off, provided the cursor is move to a sensible location. If, however, you touch a Killy Pad at an oblique angle and when moving too slowly (or collide when moving too quickly), then you may not be able to get away before being poisoned again.

Wander Fish:
+ These orange/brown fish will make their way through the waters without pursuing Ocai; they have not need to - if the Killy Pads do not paralyze Ocai, the LETHAL TOUCH of a Wander Fish will take care of him.
+ TIP: Not all Wander Fish are the same, each will have a different tendency to turn and change direction. This may be useful to know.

Strange goo:
+ Who knows where this stuff comes from? Unlike Wander Fish, Ocai has the strength to push through this stuff. It will not harm Ocai... and may even be useful to his manouvres.

This game won the third prize in the Caiman Crocodile Contest

Controls: Mouse
Within game:
* Left Mouse Button = Power thrust
* Middle Mouse Button = Pause / Options Menu
* Mouse Wheel = Change cursor speed
Within menu:
* Left Mouse Button = Decrease / Choose left selection
* Right Mouse Button = Increase / Choose right selection
* Middle Mouse Button = Unpause
* Mouse Wheel = Move selection up and down

new version 1.2 (Feb 2009)
- small bug fixes
- introduced small pause between pulsing spots appearing

 *Download from (no install) 1,34 MB
 Authors homepage .

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