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System Lord 2008 Into The Void Productions
Freeware RTS   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Into The Void Productions 85 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 14-07-09

System Lord System Lord
System Lord

System Lord


A great RTS in space, based on Stargate

System Lord is an Real-Time Strategy game, following a race of aliens called the Goa'uld. They feud with one another endlessly and are in a constant power struggle. The player starts out as a small-time Goa'uld who must rally his forces against his enemies and gain the title of 'System Lord'.

Build a strong base starting with a Starbase, create a dozen Tel'Taks (cargo ships) and let them transport mined stuff from nearby planets to your Starbase. Then you can start creating a strong defense. Build a Dry Dock and create a lot of Death Gliders (later you can create stronger ships as Al'Keshes and Ha'Taks).
In higher levels you will be able to do research and building turrets and mine fields as well. When you think you are strong enough you can start destroying the enemy fleet and bases.

It's an overall great game but the controls and scroll functions could be improved a bit.
- When you click on the minimap it refers to the topleft point instead of center point.
- A menu can lay over the minimap and then it let you click on the minimap instead of the menu itself.
- The key S is also boring. Why not open the menu when clicking on the building?
- When you click on the minimap, you lose the selection and so you are not able to move the selected ships to a point on the map.
- A pity there is no zoom function. This could be very useful by attacking the enemy base.

Nevertheless this is still a great game. Good graphics, addictive gameplay, nice graphical effects, good Stargate music and sounds.
The storyline and succession of levels are fantastic as well.
A must for all RTS fans!!!

Left Mouse Button = Select unit (drag to select more ships)
Right Mouse Button = Command unit's movement
S = Open the building menu
C = Send ships on cargo runs (for Cargo ships only)
R = Repair damaged ships
A = Center the camera on the next friendly unit
P = Pause
F7 = Restart
Arrows = Scroll
Left-Click the Minimap = Jump to that point in the room.
 *Download from (no install) 18,2 MB

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