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Demon's Mantra II 2003 IssaSoft
Freeware RPG Adventure decrease the rating increase the rating
by: IssaSoft HOME 71 %
Windows English, Nederlands
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Demon's Mantra II Demon's Mantra II
Demon's Mantra II

Demon's Mantra II


The Story

Its been 24 hours since Ryu found his father and defeated the Demon Lord. However, little did he know that there was more to the story. His father's words mention something more about his past, something that only few knew about, another person. It is now a race against time to find this other person. Where can they be? Are they helping the Demons? Are they captured, dead?

After warning the Rogues of what happened with the Demon Lord, Ryu returns to his hometown to discuss what the next plans will be. Rogue spies announce that the Demons have only been weakened, but are regrouping to finish the job. With an ancient scripture announcing the return of the Zephyrs, a group of men sent from the heavens to fend off the Demons in the last war, and seeking the help from the Rogues, they plan a defense. Ryu, aware that he is still a target of the Demons, decides to secretly seek out the scripture and find its answers himself against his father's wishes...

Meanwhile, a wandering orphan, Nina, and her best friend, Sofi, visit the town of Doma looking for work. However, they are unaware of what adventures and secrets lie ahead. And thus, the next chapter of the mantra begins...


Customization on several levels including controls, wallpaper, and conversation colors
Over thirty minutes of text based cutscenes to advance the story
Three difficulty modes for all types of players.
Support hero that fights at your side, eight total.
Online diary to write notes in, and a minimap of the overworld.
Over forty kinds of monsters to fight on your quest.
Hint guide, walkthrough, save and map editor included.
Unique spell system allows you to choose the type of hero you want.
Over thirty kinds of equipment to find or buy on your quest.
Full midi and wave support.
Over twice as big as the original including over ten times as much story.
Side quests such as the hot air balloon, rebuilding of the orphanage, and the arena.
Over 30 hours of gameplay!
 *Download from (no install) 2,98 MB
 Authors homepage (take care: the authors download misses 2 OCX-files) .

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