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Shoot 'em all 2002 Game Creator
Freeware Shoot em up 3D games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Game Creator HOME 61 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Shoot 'em all Shoot 'em all
Shoot 'em all

Shoot 'em all

  A humorous 3D 360-degrees-panorama shoot'em up

In this humorous game called "Shoot 'em All" your mission is to kill as many gun toteing, buck tooth rabbits as possible. During the game, Mr. Bill Gates disquised as a Windows XP rep, will endure wind, rain and snow to supply you with more bullets and grenades to achieve your nearly hopeless task of slaughtering all those rabbits. But sometimes, a crate full of munitions will go off right in his face, causing you to lose points for his misfortune. But never fear, Mr. Gates has conquered cloning and will return with even more amunition.

To start the game double click on the file "shoot_em_all.exe" or if you have a slower machine then try double clicking on one of the two batch files called "run8bit.bat" or "runweak.bat"

Main Menu
1 Spiel Starten1 Start Game
2 Einstellungen2 Options Menu
3 Bestenliste3 High Scores
4 Credits4 Credits
5 Spiel Beenden   5 Quit

Zuruck = Back
Options MenuSettingsRange
1 Patronen am anfang1 Bullets at the beginning1--100
2 Glaeser am anfang2 Grenades at the beginning0--10
3 Aktivisten am anfang3 Suppliers at the beginning0--5
4 Hasen am anfang4 Rabbits at the beginning1--50
5 Maximale hasenanzahl   5 Maximum number of rabbits50--300
6 Klonzeitraum6 * Clone period5--50
7 Maximale Zeit (min)7 Maximum game time (minutes)   1--10
Sound Volume 0--100Music Volume 0--100 

* Clone period: lower number = Rabbits multiply faster

Legend for the bottom line of main game screen:
Bullets RemainingGrenades Remaining# of Suppliers# of RabbitsElapsed TimeScore

MouseAim/Look Around
Left MouseShoot Gun/Throw Grenade
Right MouseZoom
Middle Mouse Button   Toggle Weapon (Gun/Grenade)
SPACEToggle Weapon (Gun/Grenade)
Alt + EnterToggle Full Screen/Window

Things can really get hopping in this game, especially with all those 300 rabbits.
Reviewed by Mark S.

 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 3,36 MB
 *Download from (no install) 2,87 MB
 Authors homepage .

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