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Time Ship 1.0 2004 Drew Cameron
Freeware 3D games 3D puzzle decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Drew Cameron HOME 91 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Time Ship Time Ship
Time Ship

Time Ship


Time Ship is a 3D shoot'em up puzzle game. You start off the game as a captain aboard a sailing vessel in prehistoic times and your object is to find all the hidden treasure chests. You encounter various obstacles along the way such as other ships trying to sink you, dinosaurs trying to kill you and even birds pooping on you. Your only weapons are your seven cannons around the ship and a rocket launcher. But, you must first gather the ammunition for these to be useful.

Time Ship does have several options, most of these are only handy if you have a slower machine though. Many people will probably find two of these options useful and these are game dificulty and control device. Game dificulty allows you to select two lives (default) or three lives. The control device allows you to select between keyboard or joypad control. However the game contols are note redefinable. The game does save the current level that you are on so that when you exit you don't have to repeat all those levels that you have played already.

The game gets progressively better as you complete more levels. In the more advanced levels there are more obsticles to overcome and some of these have some really neat effects! The puzzles get more challenging also. The music which comes on when an enemy hits your ship is very inapropriate for the game but the rest of the sound effects are quite good.

Controls: Keyboard
A/D = Turn Port/Starboard
W = Sail
Shift = Toggle View Landscape/Third Person
Left/Right Arrow Keys = Fire Port/Starboard Cannons
Up = Fire Fore Cannon
Space = Launch Skyrocket Weapon
P = Pause
Esc = Quit

Controls: Joypad
Left/Right = Turn Port/Starboard
Up = Sail
Shift = Toggle View Landscape/Third Person
Fire C = Fire Starboard Cannons
Fire A = Fire Port Cannons
Fire B = Fire Fore Cannon
Fire D = Launch Skyrocket Weapon
P = Pause
Esc = Quit

All in all Time Ship is a very fun game to play. 3D mixed in with some action and a puzzle also.
Reviewed by Mark S.

 *Download from (no install) 3,79 MB
 Authors home and downloadpage .

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