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Disaster 1.1 2004 Lakmus
Freeware Platform game   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Lakmus HOME 61 %
Windows 98+ (3D videocard) English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Disaster Disaster



A nice platform game (menu in English, the rest in Russian)

Description of the game:
You are a special forces soldier. Your task is to reach the exit of the secret laboratory before the terrible monsters kill you. Your weapons consist of an automatic rifle, grenades and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and your feet to kick with.

Title Screen Options:
Single = Game Mode - No score is displayed but it works ok.
Survival = Game Mode - is more like a training mode to famialarize yourself with the various weapons and opponents. The score is displayed. In this mode EVERY time your health meter (located next to the heart) gets down to zero the game crashes with an error message.
Load = Supposed to load a saved game. I don't know how to save a game!
Options = Says to "Please, see console commands and config_key.exe". Console Commands are listed below. "config_key.exe" is another file to download (from the author's website) and I don't know how it works.
Records = I think these are high scores, but no matter how much I play the game they are always zero.
Exit = Quit Game to Windows - works ok

Several of the items which did not seem to work for me are most likely due to the language barrier. I only speak English and the game and instuction manual are in Russian. The game only runs in 640x480 pixels in full screen mode. The music selections are outstanding and the sound effects are good too. Different sound effects are available from the author's website. After you kill a man it is really neat to watch his body quiver and twitch!

Arrow Keys Left/Right = Move Left/Right
Arrow Key Up = Jump
Arrow Key Down = Crouch
R = Left Mouse Button = Fire Rifle
Y = Right Mouse Button = Throw Grenade
Numpad 0 = Middle Mouse Button = Launch RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)
Numpad 1 = kick

F12 = Pause/Unpause and Open/Close Console Window
F2 = Restart Level (During Survival Level)
Esc = Exit To Main Menu

Console Commands:
quit = Quit Game to Windows
restart = Restart/Reload Game
speed (50-100) = Speed of Your Man
clear = Clear Console Window
autor = Author/About
time = Current Time of Day

Disaster is a very fitting name for this Russian game played on an English computer. It is still a good shoot'em game to play and has some cool effects in it.
Reviewed by Mark S. and Neuton Mouse

 *Download from (no install) 3,7 MB
 Authors home and downloadpage (contains more extra files - RAR) .

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