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Lizardia XMas 1.7 2004 Neuton Mouse
Freeware Xmas games Platform game decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Neuton Mouse HOME 80 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Lizardia XMas Lizardia XMas
Lizardia XMas

Lizardia XMas


A nice and unique platform game

Do you think that we are the only ones who know Christmas? Well, you are wrong. Somewhere in the deep space, the crew of the spaceship "Lizardia" organized a big party, a Christmas eve party! But nobody realized that it would be a terrible feast! Just on that specific day, creepy aliens invaded their spaceship. The day of peace ended into a very heavy and bloody battle. Those horrible murderers killed everybody! Everybody,...except one man! The man, dressed as Santa Claus, who wanted to surprise his friends, was the only survivor! He realized that he has to escape. But the way to freedom was long and difficult...
Yeah, you guessed it, you will play that hero!

The game has two modes:
1. Single game
A nice but very difficult platform game whereby you have to try to find the exit. It's a really long way between all kind of enemies.
It's really difficult, I couldn't do it! I even doubt if the author of this game ever reached the exit without using cheats! Even by using cheats it is still hard. That's the reason why I added the cheats to the review too.
update: The author just told me that he finished the game without cheating, but by saving the game hundred times... yeah!
Controls: (adjustable in "Options")
Arrows = move and jump
Numpad 0 = fire
Numpad 1...9 = select weapon
F1 = help
N - background music off
B - background music on

2. A campaign (2 players)
Fight together with your friend against the enemy and protect your heart against them. Note: This isn't easy at all! So, this game is not made for loosers ;)
- Player 1 -
W,A,S,D = move and jump
E = fire
1...8 = select weapon
Q = use item (eg. medikit)
C = place cannon
- Player 2 -
Arrows = move and jump
Numpad 0 = fire
Numpad 1...8 = select weapon
Ctrl = use item (eg. medikit)
Page down = place cannon

There are 9 kind of weapons. The game contains many surprises as bombs, mines, etc. And you will find weapons and munition throughout the whole game. Enjoy! Just don't jump on the mines!!

Console commands (press "Home" and put in one of the next commands)
save - save game
load - load game
screensave - Screenshots(*.bmp)
delscores - delete score table

Cheats (press "Home" and put in one of the next cheats)
undead1 = restore your life
iamvenom1 = gives you extra ammo

If you are looking for a challenging platform game, this one may be a good choice for you
Rudy Caiman

 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 *Download from (no install) 3,96 MB
 Authors homepage .

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