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Contraband: Packing Time 2006 Neuton Mouse
Freeware Space shooter   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Neuton Mouse HOME 79 %
Windows - DirectX 9c English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Contraband: Packing Time Contraband: Packing Time
Contraband: Packing Time

Contraband: Packing Time


Packing Time is space shooter/arcade/simulator in which you take part of saving solar system from alien invaders and becoming economical master.

Arrows = Move
Z, X, C = Fire (left/center/right weapon)
A = Fly In to (BlackHole,Portal,Space Base)
S = Player Char.
Enter = Space Ship Char.
ESC = MiniMenu (options don't work)
F12 = Take a ScreenShot

Although not particularly packing related and initially somewhat confusing, Contraband Packing Time at it's core is an incredibly complex game and enjoyable to those who enjoy a unique mix of fighting, flying, and trading.

On a very graphically appealling menu, you can choose your character, player type, and name. When these choices have all been made you click the "Let it start" button and you get your mission. Ultimately, you need to figure out someway to get out of a black hole and back to earth.

When you first start flying around, it can be very confusing until you realize that you are in a square section of scrolling space. So just like asteroids, when you scroll off one side, you'll always appear on the exact opposite. To help keep your bearings, remember that there are four teleporters, one in each corner.

While hovering over one, simply press "A" to enter it. There, you'll enter another section of scrolling space sometimes with enemies to fight, sometimes with a space station, and sometimes with a giant sun that will burn you up if you're not careful. Using "Z" "X" and "C" you can fire your weapons at the bad guys and when you run out of ammo, can reload at one of the two space stations.

When you're in a space station, you can buy ammo, buy merchandise to hopefully sell for a higher price at the other space station, talk to people, or go to the "Hangar" to exit the space station.

HINT : To get started on your return trip to earth, talk to the person in the second space station. He'll tell you what you need to do.

Reviewed by Trek

This game was made for the Caiman TPS Total Pack contest 2006.
The game ended on the 14th place with 73.5% and won US$130
 Sponsor's Direct Download (hotlinking permitted) - no install - 11,3 MB
 *Download from (no install) 11,3 MB

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