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GMLorann 1 2004 Ghislain MARTIN
Freeware Puzzle Retro games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Ghislain MARTIN HOME 62 %
Windows 95,98,NT,Me,2000,XP English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

GMLorann GMLorann



A remake of an old puzzle/action game

This is a perfect remake of Lorann, a game from 1985. A pity that the graphics are completely the same as those of the original game.

There is no help file, no readme, nothing. Not in this game, as well in the original one. So I will try to explain the game.
First the menu's.

1. Title screen (see screenshot numbered "1")
I start with the meaning of the textes.
"Jeu" = game
"Atelier" = workshop. Don't ask me what this is. I suppose this should be an editor if there was one.
"Resurrections" = Lifes
Go to the left, and enter the door. Then you will enter the menu screen.

2. Menu screen (see screenshot 2)
"Entrainement" = Training. You are free to choose one of the 101 levels.
"11 vies" = 11 lifes. Go there to take your extra lifes
"La caverne" = The cave = the game itself (101 levels)

3. Training screen (see screenshot 3)
In this screen you can choose a level. To do that just touch one of the yellow buttons with a red lightning on it.
If you have chosen one, go through the upper door to enter that specific level.

4. The cave (see screenshot 4)
The 101 blue sprites stand each for a level. By using the arrow keys you can select a level and by pressing the space bar you will enter that level.
When you finish a level you will return to this screen, the blue sprite of that level will disappear and you can choose another level. (if you have taken the dark blue "thing" then you will get more lifes)

The game itself:
As you already could guess, you play with that red cube. You have to find the exit of the level. To do that you have to touch the light blue ball. When you touch it, the door to the exit will appear. In meanwhile you can collect points by taking the items you find. But look out for the skulls!
Don't forget that you can walk diagonally too (by pressing 2 arrow keys at once).
You can shoot by pressing the space bar, but only in the direction you came from. It is really tricky to shoot the skulls.
Some balls can act as a switches. Those switches will destroy the coffins and clear the way to other sectors of the playfield.

Controls: (as far as I could discover them)
arrow keys = move
space bar = shoot (you can call back fire with "space" again)
or you can use a joystick
Esc = exit to Windows

Screen resolution:
When the game starts you can select if you want to play windowed (resizeable) or in full screen (and you can change the resolution).

The original game:
- Name: Lorann (
- Year: 1985
- Author: Loriciel (France) (
- Distributed by NovaSoft
- OS: Thomson

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

 *Download from (ZIP - no install - one file) 186 kB
 Authors homepage .
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (EXE - no install - one file) 195 kB.

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