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2001 Alien Combat 1 2000 Cursoft@ (curridori)
Freeware Fight games 3D games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Cursoft@ (curridori) 71 %
Windows (cpu 133 MHz) English, Italiano
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

2001 Alien Combat 2001 Alien Combat
2001 Alien Combat 2001 Alien Combat
2001 Alien Combat

2001 Alien Combat


A nice fighting game for 1 player

This game has really nice graphics, good music and sound effects.
The strangest part of the game is that the first level is the most difficult level. Once you have beaten the fire man, it's easy to beat the green woman of level 2 and the skeleton of level 3.
After finishing the 3 levels a strange screen appears. It asks you to email to the author for a free code. I suppose that you need that code to unlock the final level. Strange. I emailed the author, but still have not received any reply.

Left / right arrow key = move
Use the numeric keys to fight (be sure the Num Lock key is active)
0 = defence
1 = kick up
2 = kick from down to up
3 = kick up rotation
4 = bend down
5 = jump
6 = double kick from down to up
7 = launch a knife
8 = punch
Esc = end game
Alt F4 = exit game
(if you use the button "Exit" you will see a exit screen for a whole minute, but you also can exit this screen by pressing the Alt+F4 keys)

note: By fighting, you cannot press 2 keys at once. So you cannot move and fight at the same time. When pressing an arrow key to move your fighter, he only will move one place. So, you have to release and press again to move him more places.


Un gioco piacevole di lotta per 1 giocatore

Tasti da utilizzare:
Prima di tutto assicuratevi che il tastierino numerico della tastiera sia attivo
Altrimenti premete il tasto[bloc num].
[freccia sinistra] = muove nemo verso sinistra
[freccia destra] = muove nemo verso destra
[0] = difesa
[1] = calcio alto
[2] = calcio dal basso verso l'alto
[3] = calcio alto rotante
[4] = abbassati
[5] = salto verso l'alto
[6] = doppio calcio dal basso verso l'alto
[7] = lancia i coltelli rotanti
[8] = pugno
Alt+F4 = rimuova il gioco

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

 *Download from (no install) 12 MB

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