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NetPanzer 0.8.2 2009 Pyrosoft Inc
Freeware Shoot em up Multiplayer decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Pyrosoft Inc HOME 95 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English
 Tested on win98/XP/2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

NetPanzer NetPanzer



NetPanzer is an esxcellent online multiplayer warfare game with an option to play single player off line aganist 'bots.' I don't play online games much, so I went straight for this mode. This is a very good way to learn your way around the game because the game comes with a limited amount of help. You can also try out the various key combinations and not get beat to death or make a fool of yourself doing it.

The special effects in this game are fantastic and the audio is superb and very realistic. The action is very fast paced. NetPanzer is supposed to be able to play mp3 files while you play the game, but I couldn't get it to work. With all the noise of tanks firing, shells exploding and people talking, I did not care about the lack of music at all!

It works fine on an AMD K6-2 (380 Mhz) with Windows 98. We at Caiman have also tested netPanzer on Windows2000/XP and have had no problems.

A few tips for beginners:
Don't let the amount of key combinations intimidate you. NetPanzer is a fairly easy game to get the hang of. If you need a cheat sheet, just select/copy the key combinations which are below from your web browser, paste them into your text editor and then print them out.

Underneath each tank is a green 'damage indicator.' This will change to yellow and then to red as your tank aquires more damage.

We all know what the primary goal in a war is, but to acheive this goal, a fighting army must have a supply of weaponry. In this game it is tanks. One of the first objectives after starting this game might be to occupy a base so that you can manufacture new tanks. A base is considered to be occupied, when one of your (or opponent's) tanks reaches the heli-pad in the base. When your base is occupied, click on the large factory building and start manufactuing tanks! The menu which comes up allows you to build 1 of 10 different types of tanks, each with different chacteristics. This factory will start producing this model of tank until you change it or the base gets overrun.

Press F1 Key during the game and this is what you see:

Unit Related
Left Mouse ClickSelects a unit
Left Mouse HoldMakes a bouding box for unit selection
Right Mouse ClickDe-selects all selected units
Left Mouse Click + CtrlDirects (force/manual) fire of a unit
Left Mouse Click + Shift, LMC + CtrlAdd unit to selection
Ctrl + [0..9]Define a group of units
[0..9]Recall a group of units
Right Mouse Hold
Fast map scroll
Game Related
Left Mouse Click + 'A'Allies with the clicked unit's team
In game menus
Outpost Related
'O'Cycle through your outposts
Left Mouse Click on captured outpostDisplays the outpost view
Mouse drag on captured outpost
Select unit spawn point
Chat Related
EnterSend message to all
Ctrl + 'A'
Send message to allies
View Related
F1Help View
'M'Mini Map View
TABRank View
Right Mouse Hold + mouse movement   Moves any view on the screen
Right Mouse Hold + [1 - 5]
Sets the background drawing mode
Mini Map View Related
Right Mouse Hold + [1 - 7]Sets the blending level of the minimap
Right Mouse Hold + [+ or -]Scales the size of the minimap
//insert(" Right Mouse Hold + 'O'
Toggles outposts
System Related
ALT + EnterToggle Fullscreen/Windowed mode

Playing locally against 2 bots:

The "readme.txt" files explains how to do this...
The following four commands are issued in a command window/DOS prompt. They are all issued in the SAME window. You will have to bring this command window to the front a total of 3 times.
From the game's root directory type...
---Begin Quote---
netpanzer -d &
netpanzer -b localhost &
netpanzer -b localhost &
... now press multiplayer and join to server address localhost"
---End Quote---

Overall there are two things which make this freeware game different than a commercial game. The first is the price and the second is the lack of documentation.

Reviewed by Mark S.

new version 0.8.2 (submitted by Terex77)
- many fixes
- 3 masterservers
- new homepage

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (install - 9,05 MB)
 *Download from (install) 9,05 MB
 Authors homepage .

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