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WinTrek (Enhanced) 2 2003 Joseph Jaworski
Freeware Simulation Space shooter decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Joseph Jaworski HOME 70 %
Windows 95+ English, Nederlands
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

WinTrek (Enhanced) WinTrek (Enhanced)
WinTrek (Enhanced)

WinTrek (Enhanced)


WINTREK is a Star Trek simulation. You take control of the USS Enterprise and your mission is to search the galaxy to find and destroy all alien vessels before they reach the earth. This game was originally shareware and several years ago was released by its author as freeware. Therefore all references to shareware in WINTREK can be ignored.

In this game you have much of the same equipment that the "real" USS Enterprise has. For finding the enemy you have long range and short range scanners. When you want to travel through the galaxy, you can use your warp drive or for shorter distances, impulse power. To defend yourself against enemy attacks you have the familiar sheilds. To attack the enemy you have both: phasers and photon torpedoes. You also have an assortment of status/damage indicators.

There are 5 levels of dificulty ranging from Expendable Crewman to Admiral. You can pause or save your current game. High scores are also kept. This game was never designed to be run in full screen mode because it relies heavily on several customizable windows, which can be, positioned anywhere you want, minimized and in some cases even resized. The graphics are nothing fancy and the sound is OK. You will probably even recognize some of the voices.

To play without reading the documentation, there is only one part of the game that requires explanation . The "Long Range Scan" window has several boxes with numbers. The first digit is the number of enemies in that sector. The second digit is the number of star bases in that sector where repairs can be made. And the third digit is the number of stars in that sector. If there are no numbers in the sector, then it has not been scanned yet.

May the Froce be with you!

Mouse (point and click)

For those Star Trek fans out there, WINTREK is a classic that you all should have.

Reviewed by Mark S.

 *Download from (no install) 774 kB
 Authors homepage .
 Authors DOWNLOAD page .
 WinTrek documentation .
 complete C source code .
 original WINTREK (V1.9) May not work on WinXP

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