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Galax 0515 2005 masaHG
Freeware Space shooter   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: masaHG HOME 90 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English
 Tested on win2000/XP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Galax Galax



The story goes like this...
On the planet Wigert, a computer called XENON, which has a mind of its own, has taken over control of the planet and is going to destroy Earth if not stopped.

Galax is an excellent vertical scrolling shooting game with some unique features from Japan. At first glance the game seems just like any ordinary space shooter having nice graphics, arrow keys for movement and the Z key to shoot. This is where ordinary stops and the uniqueness starts. Another on-ship weapon that is at you disposal is a "marking bomb". It is a very powerful bomb which is targeted and launched with 2 different keys. Three of your weapons are the enemy vessels themselves. This is done by hacking into the enemies computer and issueing three different commands sequences. Each command sequence represents one of three orders for these ships to perform. You can cause them to commit suicide, stop moving or see YOU are a friendly force. You can practice any of the 6 stages or go for the full game. You can even record the level for later playback or exchange this recording and your top scores with a friend.

The game play is great once you get the hang of the various types of commands. For added realism much of the game play is over scrolling satelite photos. The downfall of this game is by far the music which comes with it. The author must have realized this, because about a month ago he released a patch with updated music and now the music is one of the games best assets! The sound effects are really cool also. The best resolution this game has is 640x460 pixels. So, make sure you set the display to mode 2 in the config menu. There is a power up called an "energy cube" which will appear when certain enemy vessels are destroyed.


- From inside game
Arrow Keys = Movement (Game Pad)
C = Radar use/cancellation (A button)
X = Bomb selected object and Attack (Dual functions)(B Button)
Z = Shoot (C Button)
Esc = Pause/START button
F12 = Screen shot
Game pad users: the keys for game pad/joystick are redefinable.

- From inside menu
Arrow Keys = Item selection
Z = Activaste selction
Esc = Start

Using the bomb (keyboard keys)
While holding down the C key, push the X key then release both keys.
Selected targets will be hit if executed correctly.

Hacking the enemies computer (keyboard keys)
Search reversal: Push and release C, push and release at same time UP and DOWN, tap Z, tap X, tap C a 2nd time...Highlighted targets will turn blue.
Movement stop: Push and release C, tap Z, tap X, tap C a 2nd time...Highlighted targets will turn yellow.
Suicide bombing: Push and release C, tap z twice,tap X once, tap C a 2nd time...The highlighted targets will turn purple,

Your gaming experience will be more more pleasant if you go for the gusto and download both the English HTML docs and the enhanced music.

Reviewed by Mark S.

 *Download from (ZIP file - no install) 2,1 MB
 Authors home and download page .
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (LZH file - no install) 2,16 MB.
 Enhanced music 15,8 MB.
 HTML docs (English) 579 kB.

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