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Mario Soccer JiroWare/GDA Version d7 2005 Kitsune Yamato
Freeware Super Mario Sports decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Kitsune Yamato HOME 95 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Mario Soccer JiroWare/GDA Version Mario Soccer JiroWare/GDA Version
Mario Soccer JiroWare/GDA Version

Mario Soccer JiroWare/GDA Version


Mario Soccer is one of the few freeware soccer games that doesn't bore you after 5 minutes of playing. And one of the few Mario games that don't include any jumping. The spirtes are well taken and go with each other, and aren't from different games and just putt in because they were come across. The sound is nice, and goes with the game and whatever field you're in.

When you start the game, you choose between fullscreen or windowed. Windowed looks better graphics wise, since in fullscreen things look a bit stretched. In the main screen, you choose either exhibition or training mode. In training mode, it basically tells the controls and such while in play, but still it's pretty nice to have it. In exhibition, you choose from 12 characters (and four more secret ones?), from Mario to Waluigi. Each have their own statistics, kick, speed, and overall; which is measured in bars. You choose, your own character, then two assists, and a goalkeeper. After that, you choose a field. The first one was really plain, but there are many others, and a lot of them are really cool. You can play in Luigi's Mansion, and try not to get caught by the ghosts. Or try not to get stuck in the slimy mess that those flowers from Mario Sunshine leave behind in Ricco harbor. The variety in these fields definitely gives this game some added replayability.

This game turned out to be pretty good, and it's still a demo! With that in mind, I see a lot of potential in this game, and hope the creator continues on it. With some innovated things added to it, this could truly turn out to be one of the best freeware soccer games ever. Some things that could be added is an options menu, maybe we don't always want to play 50 point games? Also, multiplayer would be really cool.

It has that "thing". That thing... it's what makes a game different, what makes it more interesting to play than others. Such as the characters, the statistics in speed and kick made the game more interesting. The levels didn't just look different, they had different layouts and obstacles. These sort of things, and with the smooth professional feel and look it has, (navigating with the little hand for example), makes this simple to play game much more fun to play.

Reviewed by EiG

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 1,87 MB
 *Download from (no install) 1,58 MB
 Authors homepage .
 cncs32 and cncs232.dll if needed (put the dll`s in your C:\Windows\System) 220 kb.

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