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Roll Ball for Win 2.2h 2001 Jed
Freeware Puzzle Sokoban decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Jed HOME 90 %
Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Roll Ball for Win Roll Ball for Win
Roll Ball for Win

Roll Ball for Win


In this great puzzle game a girl want to give her lovey-dovey heart to a boy.
The gameplay let me think at some Sokoban like games such as Cassetto. But instead of pushing crates, you have to push some balls. Once you gave a ball a push, it will roll untill it hits a wall or another ball.

In this game there are 3 kind of balls:
- The lovey-dovey blue ball: That's the one that has to hit the boy.
- A red ball: A normal ball, but the girl can destroy it (by pressing the space bar)
- A purple ball: A normal ball, but the girl cannot destroy it.
When a red or purple ball is given to the boy they will dissappear.

The game has 40 levels. To complete a level you has to push the lovey-dovey blue ball to the boy. The first 20 levels are free accessable, but you have to complete them all before you can access the next 20 levels. The game automatically saves the game, so you haven't to worry about that.

Enter = start game
Arrow keys = move
Backspace = undo 1 step
F4 = restart level
PgUp/PgDn = previous/next level (the 20 first levels + the finished ones)
F1 = help (in Japanese)
F8 = resolution 320x240 / 640x480
F9 = black and white / color screen
F10 = isometric / top view
F12 = back to title screen
Alt + Enter = full screen / windowed
Alt + F4 = exit game

There is an in-game level editor too. In title screen, press F6 to start it up.
Use the arrow keys to move over the playfield.
Use the keys 1,2..9 to put an item.
Shift+arrows = move the complete playfield.
U, L = mirror everything.
T = rotate everything.
F3/F2 = load/save the level

I really love this game. I think it's a must for the "Cassetto" fans!

Reviewed by Rudy Caiman

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (Japanese - no install LZH)
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install LZH) - 497 kB
 *Download from (no install - ZIP) 495 kB
 Authors homepage (Japanese) .
 mirror download (no install - LZH) 497 kB.
 See our forum for some solutions .

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