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Clouds Kingdom 3 2005 Crobasoft - Wartagon
Freeware Platform game   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Crobasoft - Wartagon HOME 86 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Clouds Kingdom 3 Clouds Kingdom 3
Clouds Kingdom 3

Clouds Kingdom 3


A nice platformer with a ninja

"The two rivals, Master Jikah and Sinith Majoo, had been battling for almost two long years.
JiKah was an experienced ninja, and Majoo was a strong-minded wizard. Both of them were very strong and very skilled at fighting. Only JiKah and Majoo knew the reason why they were fighting each other. Spectators could had to guess the answer.
As the battle went on, Master JiKah felt that he was weaker than Sinith Majoo. It was something about Majoo`s magical powers that made it almost impossible for JiKah to even hit him.
One day, JiKah lost the battle. He didn`t die, but he surrendered.
Sinith Majoo spared his life, but sent him into another dimension, a dimension called the Clouds Kingdom. Master JiKah was weak and had no knowledge about magic, so he was forced to climb the clouds to find a way out.
It took him several days before he finally found a portal out of Clouds Kingdom. JiKah felt the anger rise inside of him, and he wanted to claim revenge on his opponent in a final battle. But then he would need to search the mighty lands of Rakast.
After he had rested a while, JiKah resumed his search for Majoo in Rakast.
The adventure went on, and he went through a bunch of portals before he finally found the room where Sinith Majoo was hiding, but he wasn`t there. Instead there was an open portal in the centre of the room and Master JiKah decided to enter it.
He had nothing to loose.
He would do everything to claim the revenge on Sinith Majoo..."

If you ever played the first two games in the Clouds Kingdom series, you`ll probably know that they didn`t include any enemies or action at all. Both of them were all about jumping and avoiding stuff.
Gladly I am to announce the biggest addition in the last sequel; action.
In Clouds Kingdom 3, JiKah encounters enemies, which is a perfect opportunity to practice his skills with the sword. But he will also get to use Throwing stars and learn new abilities throughout the game.
The game is split up in chapters, and each chapter has a final boss. This means that there are no possibilities to rush through the game. But to make sure that the player (you) don`t skip the enemies to just face the bosses, a score system has been implemented.
To earn score you can kill enemies. Depending on the difficulty of the enemy, the more score you`ll get. You can also collect the diamonds that lay scattered all over the game.
Now is time for you to earn everyone`s respect by getting the highest score on the online highscore list.

The graphics have been greatly improved from Clouds Kingdom 2 and a lot of new effects have been added. The parallax backgrounds of each chapter has been designed to fit the current theme and gives the game depth. To give life to the different stages, there are a bunch of different sorts of vegitation and lifeforms.

Music & SFX:
All the songs are made by Wartagon, and therefore the game`s got an original soundtrack. The tunes are made in compressed MP3s.
The SFX brings life to the game. For example, there is a walking sound, which is quite unusual for this genre. The effects aren`t ripped from a game or from a site, they are custom-made by Wartagon.

Enter = skip cutscenes
Arrows = move
D = jump
S = fight with sword
A = use throwing stars
E = powerhit
more keys will be explained in-game
Ctrl-P = pause
F2 = restart
Esc = exit game
run settings.exe in order to change resolution (windowed/full screen), sound & music

new update: many bug fixes and there is a movie about the game and story
 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 7,07 MB
 *Download from (no install) 7,07 MB
 Authors homepage .
 movie about the game and story .

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