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Apple Lode Runner - The Remake 1.0c 2005 Ian Humphreys
Requestware Loderunner Platform game decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Ian Humphreys HOME 99 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Apple Lode Runner - The Remake Apple Lode Runner - The Remake
Apple Lode Runner - The Remake

Apple Lode Runner - The Remake


Apple Lode Runner is a remake of the popular Apple II game Lode Runner written by Doug Smith and originally released by Broderbund in 1983. It plays and looks as close to the original version as is possible, but many extras have been added and several features have been modified to make it easier for you to design and organize your own level maps. For those of you who are not familiar with this game, it is an action / puzzle game combining quick reactions with logical reasoning. You progress from level to level by collecting the treasure chests and avoiding the guards. Your only defence, apart from your quick wits, is a laser pistol which you can use to dig holes to temporarily trap the guards. When you have collected all the treasure chests on a level, you must climb to the top of the level before proceeding to the next level. Some levels are more action than puzzle, whilst others are more puzzle than action.

Main features of Apple Lode Runner:
Level Designer, a WYSIWYG level map designer replaces the original Game Generator and another utility, Level Organizer allows you to rearrange your level maps into a specific order without the limitation that they must be designed and created in that order.
Play windowed or full-screen
Define your own control keys

Over 1,000 levels including:
The original 150 Lode Runner levels
The original 50 Championship Lode Runner levels
Hyper LR - 80 levels from the Nintendo Game Boy.
150 new levels designed by Lode Runner guru Fred Pence.
CWG Contest - 61 levels from the Computer Gaming World Magazines Lode Runner contest.
LR Pics - 150 levels with a picture theme.
Quickies - 150 levels for practice.
French Screens - 100 levels.
LR Fan Book - 85 levels.
Big Red Apple - 100 levels.
Fujionkyo LR - 100 levels.

Play levels one after the other and try to get in the high scores list.
Play levels at random, picking and choosing.
Save a game to continue later.
Resume a previously saved game.
Design and create your own level maps in minutes.
Test your newly created level maps.
Organize your level maps by reordering them and deleting unwanted ones.
User-definable background music

Arrow keys = move
Z = dig hole left
X = dig hole right

Ctrl+A = kills your man if he becomes stuck
Enter = displays the High Scores list
Ctrl+R = terminates the current game
Ctrl+S = toggles the sound on/off
Ctrl+M = toggles the background music on/off
+ = speed up game speed
- = slow down game speed
Esc = pauses game
Ctrl+6 = next level
Ctrl+2 = extra life

The author perfers not to have a download link but instead, he will email you for free, the latest version of Apple Lode Runner if you send an email requesting it.
For more information on requesting this free game please see...

For anyone who is a Lode Runner fan this game is a must get and well worth the day or two delay to obtain it free from the author.

Reviewed by Mark S.

 Authors ORDER page (you have to ask the author the game) - 1,39 MB
 Authors homepage .

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