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Lode Runter 2 2004 Cyberclic
Freeware Loderunner   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Cyberclic HOME 80 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Lode Runter 2 Lode Runter 2
Lode Runter 2

Lode Runter 2


An excellent remake of a good classic game.
This game has very good crisp graphics and nice sound, i never played the original game but i doubt it was as good as this with good gameplay and very smooth controls as you go up and down the screen collecting the special items that you need to open the exits, the guards that are on the levels can soon corner you so you really need to plan your escape. Using the shift button you can dig holes to fall through the floor, you seem to throw what looks like magic gold dusts at the ground to dig the hole but can only be used on certain surfaces and after maybe 20 seconds the hole fills in, if you make a guard fall through the hole and below him is a solid surface he will raise his arms so that you can work over him or it will trap him for a while so that you can collect the objects, if a guard passes over one of the special object that you are collecting then you won't be able to escape the level so you will need to plan yourself well, this game is a good challenge and will bring you back for more time after time. I think this game is excellent and is another must for a download if you like this style of game.

Authors Description :
An excellent remake of Lode Runner, celebrates play of the years 1980. From one extraordinary lifespan (50 levels, without counting the possibility of creating oneself of it, with the editor of levels), it contains in particular 35 musics MOD and several skins.
At the technical level, the play is quite simply extraordinary. Superb graphics and programming of quality are with the program. The play
contains a IA bluffante, able to solve itself the tables that one proposes to him.The gameplay is him also rather fantastic: you control a character who must recover various objects to be able to pass at the following level. But the guards take care, and you will have to surely start again several times a table before finishing it.

Arrow keys : to move
Shift : To dig hole
Enter : Restart
Space : Pause
Auto Saves per Level.

Reviewed by agizzer

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 1,49 MB
 *Download from (install) 1,49 MB
 Authors homepage .

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