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Levitar 3D: Evolved 1.23 2006 Les bird
Freeware Moon Landers   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Les bird HOME 78 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09 UPDATED

Levitar 3D: Evolved Levitar 3D: Evolved
Levitar 3D: Evolved

Levitar 3D: Evolved


A superb Moon landing style game.

Authors Description :
Best described as a mix of Gravitar and Lunar Lander. Your mission is to collect all the fuel pods and transport them to the collector(s). You must also destroy all enemy defenses while you're at it. To transport the pods you pick them up with your tractor beams. You can also transport dead enemy units that contain new technology (weapons, shields) to the collector so that the new tech can be added to your ship's inventory. When each mission is completed you must land your ship on the landing platform. The better your landing, the better your pilot rating will be which is used to calculate the end-of-level bonus.

Enemy defenses consist of stationary particle cannons, mobile hover tanks and flying saucers. Enemy difficulty may increase after a completed mission.
The game consists of 6 planetary bodies with each having 6 missions. At the start of each mission you are presented with a mission stat screen that explains the primary and secondary missions as well as the defenses you can expect to encounter. Any new technology collected during a mission will be researched and added to your ship's inventory.
Your ship's weapon inventory begins with only a tractor beam and particle cannon. Along the way you'll collect additional weapons which consist of the static gun, rail gun, plasma gun, cluster bomb, big bomb, vortex bomb, sub-atomic bomb and EMP.
Fuel can be replenished by using your ship's tractor beam on the enemy defenses or some fuel pods located through-out each level. Bonus points are awarded for collected items and fuel pods that are not destroyed upon completion of each level.
The game is over when you run out of ships or if you run out of fuel.

Windows XP, DirectX 8.1 or later and a relatively decent gaming system are required to play.

I am not a fan of Moon Landing games but ( Levitar 3D Evolved ) is a very well made 3D game with very good 3D graphics topped of with some really nice effects.
This is the first Episode of 3 so the first two planets are available to play.
Spending a little time at the beginning of the game and getting to grips with your ship in a Non Gravity environment will help a lot in many of the tasks that are involved in playing this game. Hovering, landing and controling the ship is the way to get on and succeed. The ship is controlled by the mouse as direction and the mouse buttons for thurst and fire, the tractor beam is done by keys. (Change the configuration if needed)
As you get further into the game there become more enemies to destroy on the ground and in the air, also you can pickup more with your tractor beam what are then taken back to the large collecting pad where they are added as technology to your ship giving your ship some handy power-ups "Mainly Fire -Power" Make sure you pickup the fuel pods and take them back as well or you won't be going anywhere.

This is a big game and you won't be completing it in a few hours of game play.
A must for a download Moon Lander fan or not.

Reviewed by agizzer

new version 1.23
2 new planets, 12 more missions, 3 new weapons and 2 new enemies!

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 17,8 MB
 *Download from (no install) 17,8 MB
 Authors homepage .

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