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Rise Out Remake 1.00 2006 Vladislav Kuzevanov
Freeware Loderunner   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Vladislav Kuzevanov 70 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Rise Out Remake Rise Out Remake


Rise Out Remake


A remake from Rise Out from Dungeons

Rise Out Remake is more than just a home-made game. . Primary school art class meets Lode Runner is the best way to describe Vladislav Kuzevanovfs remake.Each level is made in a different distinctive style unlike any levels prior to it. One level appears to have been built from plasticine modelling clay, yet another is made out of paper ? with all platforms, ladders and collectable items literally having been drawn onto paper.
Rise Out is based on the MSX game Rise Out From Dungeons, a platform game, where the aim of the game is to guide your white plasticine man around the levels, collecting items to find a key hidden under one of them. Once you find the key, you can open a locked door that eventually leads to the exit to the next more difficult level.

CURSOR keys - for moving "white" man
SPACE key - key for shoot
ESC key - exit: from game to main titles, from main titles to Windows
F1 key - turn off/on ingame music

Author Description :

About original:

The game "Rise Out from Dungeons" written by Hibiki Godai
for MSX-compatible computers and published by "ASCII" in 1983.
The goal of game is the "rise out" from the series of catacombs, by the decision of puzzles, collecting of treasures, and avoidance of meetings with bad fellows and water. Some of treasures hide the key to the locked doors, some contain additional life of player.
(I think, it was japanese response to american "Lode Runner" by "Broderbund Software".)
In later 80's, many amateur releases of this game available for USSR's home computers (not compatible with MSX and with each other).
I was very impresed by this game in 1988 on my first "BK-0010" home computer, and i still love it after 18 years :-)

About this remake:

All timings very close to original, so gameplay is not degrade (i'm sure).
All levels (20 item) in the remake have scheme and arrangement of treasures, keys and doors, like in original.
I am design new, modern graphis, sound and music, appropriate demands of the times.
In the original game, the "score" depended on the collected treasures, but in my version of count of treasures it is not, instead passing of all levels is the purpose of game for minimum time.
As well as original, remake allows to have an access to the already passed levels through a password. (All passwords the same, as in the original game). A password is given after passing of level, only if all treasures were collected. However, if the game was begun not with the first level, the count of time is not conducted. Thus, passwords can be used exceptionally for training of passing of separate levels.
One best result (including the name of player) is saved in the current version of game only.
Unfortunately, from the not grip of time (i could not be engaged on the remake all three months) I was not able to realize the design of levels how I planned initially, but however, turned out not badly ;-)

Reviewed by robin_90

 *Download from (no install) 6,9 MB
 Mirror download (Retro Remakes) 6,9 MB.
 Mirror download (Gamecreators) 6,9 MB.

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