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Blades of Heaven 2005 Damianzeking (Indinera Falls)
Freeware RPG   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Damianzeking (Indinera Falls) HOME 73 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 14-07-09

Blades of Heaven Blades of Heaven
Blades of Heaven

Blades of Heaven


A nice and long "old school" RPG.

A Shadow Blade, named Laura, is given by her Guild the quest to murder a smuggler living in a neighbouring town. As a proof of her success, she is asked to bring back to the Guild a particular Orb the smuggler always keeps with him. But as she stealthly enters the smuggler's room, something unexpected occurs and makes her fail her mission! What will happen next?
Play the game and find out!
"Blades of Heaven" features a 40 hours old school RPG full of twists and secrets.
Indinera Falls, creator of Blades of Heaven, is also the author of the Laxius Power trilogy, a series well-known for its replay value and the sheer size of its world.

This game uses typical "old school RPG" mechanisms which I probably do not need to explain. Players will discover them all themselves as they advance in the game. However, on the other side, it also uses more personal features.
Here is how to use them.
*** Weaponsmith:
It is possible to upgrade some of your characters' weapons by asking a weaponsmith to refine it. Players shall notice not ALL smithies can refine ALL type of weapons.
Frechette: upgrade Bastard Sword to Titan Sword
Moorwick: upgrade Dai-Katana to Critical Dai-Katana
Benedict: upgrade Bastard Sword to Titan Sword
Zagmar: upgrade Titan Sword to Berserker Sword
Fey: upgrade Critical Dai-Katana to Ancient Dai-Katana
*** Pets:
In some towns, players are given the possibility to buy a pet.
The animal is just like a common character to the triple exception that:
* it doesn't level up
* if it dies, it disappears
* it fights by itself (ie you do not control it)
It is not possible to play more than one pet at once, so choose yours wisely!
 *Download from (no install) 9,78 MB
 Authors homepage (warning: some games are shareware) .

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