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Paper Flight 2008 Blackratstudios - D. Eugene Perry
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by: Blackratstudios - D. Eugene Perry HOME 80 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 14-07-09

Paper Flight Paper Flight
Paper Flight

Paper Flight


Paper Flight is a 3D racing game involving paper airplanes. Create your own paper airplanes from composite parts and fly them through 18 different race courses and 7 mini-games. Unlock new parts to make your planes even faster and better, earn trophies and complete achievements. Or just take a walk around your spacious 11 story building to admire what you have accomplished so far.

Paper Flight includes the following:
  • Ability to construct 3000 different planes from composite parts.
  • The way you construct the planes will affect its physics (speed, turning, diving, etc...).
  • 10 unlockable parts to increase the speed and dexterity of your plane.
  • 18 tracks to fly through against up to 3 computer controlled opponents.
  • 4 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard, extreme)
  • 4 different weather environments (clear, rainy, night and winter).
  • Win trophies in either bronze, silver or gold.
  • 7 different mini games to play (not locked)
  • 7 achievement awards to win.
  • An 11 story 3D building to admire your accomplishments.
  • A tutorial room with challenges to get used the game or to try out new plane designs.
Some points to remember:
  • If you find the game going slow click F4 during game play to check the FPS. If it's not reading 60 (the deafult) go into Options and change the FPS to 30. If it's still not going full speed click on the option for Scenery Graphics to remove un-needed scenery. If you are still having trouble, open your computer and change the mouse on the wheel; it's probably dead.
  • The airplanes are supposed to be slow to start (I tried to make them as fast as possible though). As you earn race points you will unlock plane parts that will speed up your plane. Just play a race on Extreme and watch the AI planes to see how fast you own plane could go.
  • On the lower settings the AI planes will sometimes crash rather than make it all the way through the track: they are randomly constructed and follow the same physics as your planes. Sometimes they are a bad design.
  • In the Trophy Room use 'Q' and 'E' to move between floors. Move up to the front on the pedestals in the Achievement Room to see what each one is. Some are straight forward; others are riddles.

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install)
 *Download from (no install) 15,8 MB
 Authors homepage .

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