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Runemaster 0.6 2009 Kumatch
Freeware Fight games 3D games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Kumatch HOME 83 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 19-09-09 UPDATED

Runemaster Runemaster



A great turn based strategic 3D fighting game

Runemaster is a turn based strategic game, with an anime style. Where player will face your opponent in a magic battle using the power of runes, and only the true runemaster will triumph.

The game contains a Tutorial, Story (campaign), Versus (a single battle with a lot of options as place and characters), and so on. The campaign (Story) is really great! Nice pictures, good story, good gameplay and you can unlock characters as well.

Akira is a youth that lives in the temple Hizashi with his grandfather Kazuki. His family descends of the old runemasters and was entrusted of to guard one of the three runes of the light. Certain day something strange happens, the rune begins to shine inexplicably. Then appears a girl called Clair asking for help. Clair comes from another family of guardians, and fled from home to put a end in the plans of Gehard, your older brother. Fascinated by the power of the runes, Gehard is trying to open the sealed gate making the Mana completely to return to this world. One of the three seals was already broken doing with that the power of the runes began to wake up. Akira and Clair leave in search of the third guardian. Protecting your rune of the light, the key to open the gate, and facing others that also discovered the power of the runes.

A great collections of beings, equipments, elements and materials to choose from, but I didn't understand them all and hope they will be better documented in one of the next versions of the game. (I also hope there will be a zoom and a save/load function as well)

runemaster runery

Man + Horse = Centaur
Horse + Horn = Unicorn
Man + Any Element = Elemental
Man + Any Material = Golem
Woman + Any Element = Nymph
Man/Woman + Wing = Angel
Horse + Wing = Pegasus
Bird + Fire = Phoenix
Woman + Bird = Harpy

Controls: Mouse
Left Click - Select a character

You don't need the next controls if you prefer to use the on-screen menus ;)
Right Click - Select a character and set move mode
Ctrl + R-Click - Select a character and set attack mode
Shift + R-Click - Select a character and set defend mode
Esc - Pause/Resume battle
A - Attack (selected char)
M - Move (selected char)
D - Defend (selected char)
S - Summon
E - Equip

new version 0.4 (3-2009)
- Passive battle mode
- 2 players versus
- Story 3th chapter
- Camera movement
- Detailed Runery
- Some changes in Tower mode.
new version 0.5 (7-2009)
- Story Chapter 4
- Spell runes
- 1 new character, 11 runes and 3 fusions
new version 0.6 (9-2009)
- Completed Story Mode.
- 1 new rune and 2 fusions.
- General improvements.

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (no install) - 18,2 MB
 *Download from (no install) 24,6 MB
 Authors homepage .

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