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Spirits 2007 M.A Software
Freeware Platform game Puzzle decrease the rating increase the rating
by: M.A Software HOME 82 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 14-07-09

Spirits Spirits



A great puzzle platformer in a castle in the World of Wizards

In this game you have to collect the next items: The Crystal ball, the Book of spells and the Magic wand. Every time you restart the game those items are on different places, at this way the game is never the same :)
The lower window shows you where you can find the Crystal ball. When you got the ball, then you can deceide which item/character this window will show.
After that you have to release Casandra (white gnome) and Worf (armoured guy). At last you have to beat the "One who must not be named" (eagle). Good luck! :)

English, Espanol, Italian and Chiquitistani

Story (translated by the author)
Hard times for the wizards guild going on and the events that occured during these months have made the situation much worse.
The Great Consortium of the Wizards is in real danger because of the One who must not be named, who has returned after long years of peace and prosperity, so as to take over the World of the Wizards, and then the World of Non-wizards.
The Great Consortium of the Wizards is ruled by a witch called Casandra, who has been bewitched by the One that must not be named - despite the great powers that she owns - being converted into a small, defenceless maiden totally unable to defend her own life.
Worf, Casandra's loyal guardian, has also been bewitched and turned into a walking armour, aimless wandering with Casandra, in a castle where they have been confined and is inhabited by a heap of ghosts, hunchbacks, archer imps, werewolves and all kind of verminous beasts, devilish beings and other loathsome folk, whose goal is to exterminate them.
The One that must not be named, has transformed into an eagle and flies all over the castle watching all the moves of his underlings and tortured prisoners.
The counselors of the Great Consortium, gathered in a think tank, have decided to assign you the quest to rescue Casandra, Worf and restore order in the World of Wizards.
They all trust you as everyone knows your legendary spirit, your intelligence and courage.

Object (translated by the author)
Your task once inside the castle will be as follows:
First you must find the Allseeing eye, this is a crystal ball that you can use to foresee all the movements done by your enemies, Casandra and Worf, and also you can see the location of all other elements that will be necessary to complete the mission, such as the Magic Wand, used to break the spell on Casandra, and the Book of Spells, that you will use with Worf.
Finally with these two objects and after releasing Casandra and Worf, you must then find and defeat the One who must not be named, so bringing your mission to a happy end and restoring peace in the World of Wizards.

Controls (redefinable)
Arrows = Move, jump
Space = Fire
Z = Take
X = Locate (as soon as you get the crystal ball)
P = Pause
Esc = Abort

Here the complete map I made. Enjoy ;)

map Spirits
Review and map by Rudy Caiman

 *Download from (no install) 11,7 MB
 Authors homepage .

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