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Thrust PC 2009 PJ Crossley
Freeware Moon Landers Skill games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: PJ Crossley HOME 74 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 19-08-09

Thrust PC Thrust PC
Thrust PC

Thrust PC


A nice remake of a kind of Lander game

A brilliantly gripping arcade game requiring precision, dexterity and a cool, calculating mind. Can you beat it?

The resistance is about to launch a major offensive against the Intergalactic Empire. In preparation for this, they have captured several battlegrade starships, but they lack the essential power sources for these formidable crafts.

Klystron Pods.
You have been commissioned by the resistance to steal these pods from the Empire's storage planets. Each planet is defended by a battery of 'Limpet' guns, powered by a nuclear power plant. By firing shots at the power plant, the guns can be temporarily disabled; the more shots fired at the nuclear reactor, the longer the guns will take to recharge. BUT BEWARE!!! If you fire too may shots at the reactor, it will become critical, giving you just ten seconds to clear the planet before it is destroyed. If you have not already retrieved the pod stored at that planet, then you will have failed the mission. If you have retrieved the pod, and you manager to send the reactor into its critical phase and leave the planet safely, you will recieve a hefty bonus.Further into the Empire's system, you will encounter planets with the REVERSE GRAVITY and something even more deadly...

At the end of a stage (every 6 levels) your game is saved so you don't have to finish all of the game. on the startup screen press F6 to load your saved game

To collect a Klystron Pod, hover just above the pod, activate the tractor beam, and thrust away from the pod, When the automatic tow-bar has fixed to the pod, you can deactivate the tractor beam.

To collect more fuel:
Hover just above a fuel tank and activate the tractor beam to replenish the fuel.

Destroying a limpet gun: 750 points.
Destroying a fuel bunker: 150 points.
Picking a fuel cell: 300 points.
Bonus for destroying planet: 2000 points.
Mission failure: No bonus.
A spare ship is allocated for every 10000 points.
The game will end if
(a) you die and have no spare ships.
(b) you run out of fuel.

Controls (keyborad, gamepad or 3 button mouse)

[LEFT]: Rotate ship anticlockwise.
[RIGHT]: Rotate ship clockwise.
[Down]: Thrust.
[SPACE]: Fire.
[A-Z]: Tractor beam/external shield.
[P] Pause/resume.
[Esc] Quit.

Move left/right turns ship.
Left Button Fire.
Right button to Thrust.
Middle button for Tractor beam/external shield.

Joypad with buttons 2,3,4 fire/thrust/shield.

 *Download from (no install) 1,53 MB
 Authors homepage .

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