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Territory: the Mountain Men 1.4 2009 Rod Fisher - Attic Games
Freeware Simulation RPG decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Rod Fisher - Attic Games HOME 98 %
Windows XP/Vista English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 11-11-09

Territory: the Mountain Men Territory: the Mountain Men
Territory: the Mountain Men

Territory: the Mountain Men


A great and wonderful 3D adventure game. Exploring and trading with Indian tribes.

Seek your fortune in the fur trade. Trade and battle with Indians. Fight grizzly bears and wolves. Explore the upper Missouri.

Territory: the Mountain Men is about exploring and trading with Indian tribes in the early 19th century. You establish a trading post where the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers join. In the next 15 years your goal is to become the richest fur trader in the territory and to beat the rival traders operating in the area. To accomplish this you will have to battle natives, grizzlies and wolves and search out mountain passes and natural wonders.

It's 1815. You are young and adventurous and your goal is to become rich and famous. You set out to make your fortune in the Upper Missouri region of the Louisiana Purchase, recently acquired from France by President Jefferson. In St. Louis you have heard tales of the success of companies like John Jacob Astor's American Fur Co, Manuel Lisa's Missouri Fur Co. and the Hudson Bay Co.

In the town taverns you have listened to the mountain men who have returned with bales of fur. They tell glowing tales of the bountiful land to the West where there is plentiful beaver for trapping and the native tribes are eager to trade pelts for firewater, weapons, copper pots, beads, trade tomahawks and other goods.

There is an insatiable market in Europe for beaver pelts. European gentlemen want fine hats and a beaver felt hat is considered extremely valuable. But the beaver has been extinct in Europe since the 16th century.

With borrowed money,you set up the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, determined to become the richest citizen of the new territories. You hire an agent to handle the bookwork and requisitions in St. Louis and, with a trapper companion and trade goods, you set off to make your fortune in the new territories.

Pentium 4, CPU 3000 Ghz, Ram 1 GB
Graphics Accelerator Card with 128 MB Ram
Direct X 9.0C, Windows 2000, Windows XP
note: The game does run fine on slower computers as well, but a good graphic card and DirectX 9c are a must.

win Vista: If using Vista, it may be necessary to right click the program's startup icon and select "properities" then "compatibility" and set it to "run as Win XP".

new version 1.4 (11-2009)
from the author: I made many small changes to improve gameplay and make it more fun, and several changes to the interface. I didn't keep track but there are probably well over a hundred changes to eliminate minor irritations and anomalies and to smooth out the progress of the game. I also changed some models and map entities to speed up the frame rate.

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (install) - 71,5 MB
 *Download from (install) 71,3 MB
 Authors homepage .
 Walkthrough .

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