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Vote For Bush 2004 Stone (Michael Peter) Engelbrite
Freeware 3D games Adventure decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Stone (Michael Peter) Engelbrite HOME 71 %
Windows (DirectX 7) 3d graphics card English
 Tested on win2000: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Vote For Bush Vote For Bush
Vote For Bush

Vote For Bush


The primary goal of Vote For Bush is to find the Statue of Liberty and follow her instructions. She will ask you to find the ignorant and teach them the truth. These are the people you will find scattered throughout the world. You must answer their questions for them to learn the truth. Once they have all found the "truth", you can return to Liberty to finish the game. Along the way, you will be collecting stars which will enable you to use power up paintings. These gold framed paintings can give you the ability to fly, and can also give you stealth and armor capabilities. You will also gather keys, allowing you to unlock doors.

Mouse = Look Around
Right Mouse Button = Walk Forwar
Left Mouse Button = Jump
Tab = Map On/Off
Esc = Exit Level
F1 = Help
Shift = Middle Mouse Button = Walk Fast
Arrow Keys Left/Right = A/D = Turn Left/Right
Arrow Keys Up/Down = W/S = Move Forward/Backward

While in map is displayed:
PgUp/PgDn =view different floors

Run into Heart = life set to 100 and game saved

Presentation Mode:
Is accessed by standing in front of the "Main Presentation" scree and pressing enter
When this mode is active the folloing keys work
PgUp/PgDn = move between pages in slide show. If you see a tiny number or letter next to a word, press that number or letter to go to another slide show about that word or concept. You can return by pressing the Backspace key. Press the R key to replay audioi/video or read text. If the slideshow has both video and text, pressing R will alternate between them. PressQ for quiet. Press the Home key for the first page and the End key for the last page. Press Esc to return to the 3D enviornment.
press the 1 key for what's in the world
Press the 2 key for controlling Uncle Sam
Press the 4 key for the goals
Press the 4 key for some hints.

The World And What's In It
Pits, Ramps, and Ice (walking onto Ice will cause you to slide, but if you jump on it, it will break)
Boots and Cannons are trying to hurt you
Zeppelins can be ridden
Platforms that appear and disappear
Narrow walkways
Whackers can whack you horizontally or vertically (this can be good or bad)
Crates you can move around
Liberty Bells you can ring to move blocks up or down, freeze time, or reveal hidden things
Invisible blocks you can see only when you touch them
Transparent blocks you can slide under or walk on, but mostly block your way
People who ask you questions
Stars to gather
Barrels to jump up on, or rolling barrels to jump over (you can jump on them to bounce up).
Transparent floors: some have true statements and some have false statements. Only walk on the true tiles.
Hearts to give you health and do a game save
Presentation paintings with information about the subject
Power up paintings to give you flight, stealth, or armor (they need stars to work)
Keys, both true and false (choose the true)
Locked doors that need keys
Locked doors that ask a question
Liberty, for whom you are searching
Outdoor scenes
Dark lights that cause black fog to roll in.
Small American flags.

In addition to the many items in the world, Vote For Bush has numerous options. Most of these options allow you to degrade the video so that the game will run properly on slower computers. You can turn text to speech and and off. There are volume levels controls for both music and sound effects. The size of text can be changed., The game supports a full screen mode of 1280x1024 pixels. The only item which can't be changed is the keyboard controls. There is very extesive help in this game, viewable during game play or outside of the game with your webbrowser.

Vote For Bush will probably appeal to those who voted for him in the election and the game play is such that it will probably be enjoyed by others as well.
Reviewed by Mark S.

 Authors home and DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (install) - 8,29 MB
 *Download from (install) 8,26 MB

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